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Naked Walls

Written by Kate Kemp on Thursday, 18 November 1999 6:00 pm

Landlords can put a damper on your decorating flame. Your contract may forbid you from nailing up your favorite paintings, but according to Cia Clinton, there's no need to leave your walls naked! She offers the following tips:

  • Don't discount the value of tall, leafy houseplants (even silk plants) to fill space that might otherwise lack a picture or painting. The foliage fills visual space and adds an airy feeling to the room.

  • Use an uplight on the floor beneath an accent plant to add significant night-time drama. Uplights can be had at local discount chains for around $10. Experiment with different light positions - some will not only cast intriguing plant shadows on the ceiling, but on a wall or two as well.

  • Soften bare walls with dhurrie rugs. Made of all natural fibers and fringed, these rugs make a lovely, casual statement. With care, they wash well and seem all the more fluffy for it. They are inexpensive, last forever, and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They can be attached to the wall with hook and loop tape that will not marr walls. These small rugs (approx. 21x35, not including fringe) carry an added bonus: should you tire of them on the wall, you can readily put them to use elsewhere in your home or office.

  • Personalize a fireplace mantle with fringe attached with hook and loop tape. Decorative fringe can be a little pricey, but the results are worth it - especially considering the amount of use you'll get out of it with very little wear. You can even change your decorative fringe with the seasons. Do make sure the same side of the hook and loop tape is used on both fringes so they will attach to the opposing tape on the fireplace.

  • Love the look of wallpaper borders? You can have it! Get the washable-type border; it's sturdier for this application. Attach it to the wall an inch or three from the ceiling with double-backed adhesive foam mounting squares. Use a mounting square, top and bottom, at each corner. On longer pieces you'll need to position mounting squares every couple of feet, top and bottom, in addition to the squares at the corners. This will give you a nice, smooth finish with no bagging. Be sure to match the pattern when placing cut edges together so it looks professional.

    Follow Cia's advice and you can still add your own personal touch to your apartment without violating any rules.

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