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Make A Video That Sells Your Home: Follow These Tips

Written by on Thursday, 24 July 2014 12:44 pm

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words and, in my opinion, a video is priceless! A real estate listing video can be a valuable tool to get your home sold quickly.

But not if it's not done properly. These days technology makes it simple for anyone to claim to be a photographer or videographer. However, as a brand journalist (someone who tells stories for companies about their products and services), I can tell you that what actually makes a video great, is the story.

Even when you're showcasing a home, there is a story that your video should be telling. It should be creating a story that will attract your type of buyer.

So, number one, be sure you understand your target market. Are you targeting a family? A single person? An investor? Is this home likely to be seen as an income property? Determining who your audience is will help you tell a compelling story that makes the property desirable to that specific group.

Number two, craft a strategy. As a former TV news reporter, I always carefully researched my stories. Doing your homework and studying which areas of your home should be featured in the video is just as important as my knowing which people I should interview for a news story. You can't include every room in your home to tell the story. So, focusing on the outstanding rooms in your home and including a theme is all part of good storytelling. Don't just hire someone to come in and randomly videotape rooms.

Number three, plan to make your video about 60-120 seconds. Make sure you have enough rooms ready to be videotaped so that the video doesn't drag by staying too long on only a room or two. In news stories we often only remain on a video scene for three seconds, but you're selling a home not reporting on a crime scene; therefore hold the shot of that beautiful master bedroom at least five seconds. Let the buyer soak it in and feel the emotion from the video.

Number four, use interviews. Most listing videos I have seen don't do this or they don't do it well. Using well-planned interviews that are real and don't sound "canned" can add value to the video as well as add essential information. But skip the interviews if the interviewee is simply planning to read from a sheet of paper. All too often, agents or homeowners will sound very "canned" because they're not comfortable on camera. This is where a brand journalist (or someone who can ask questions) can help by actually interviewing either the agent or homeowner. They often will sound a lot more like they're having an actual conversation rather than like they're reading a script.

Number five, keep it real. Feel free to show the homeowners using their own property. Maybe gardening, lounging by the pool, or in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet meal.

Using these tips will help your video standout from the many listing videos that are shot quickly and without a lot of preparation. Of course, these tips will require real pros and a bit more time but you'll end up with a listing video that tells a powerful story about your home and what makes it unique. Happy shooting!

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