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Why Do Homeowners Like Antique Door Hardware so Much

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 20 May 2015 19:15

Most people don’t like to spend more money than they have to.  Especially when it comes to the high cost off home repairs and renovations, price is probably the most important factor in deciding which contractor to use, what materials to buy or how much to pay for tools and equipment.


So why would any homeowner spend extra to get antique door hardware instead of regular hardware?


The answer is simple: because of all the advantages that antique door hardware and accessories offer.


1.    Modern Safety & Convenience – If you’re old enough to remember when door handles and locks were mainly just round knobs, you’ll be glad that they are not that way any longer. They worked well, but they weren’t very secure and turning a knob is not nearly as easy as pushing a lever, which is how most of today’s door handles work.

New designs and models of antique door hardware give you the best of both worlds.


2.    Pride of Ownership – If you’re like most people, you own a home in a subdivision or condo building that sits amongst many other similar homes. Unless the houses are old enough to have gone through a number of renovations, including new doors and locks, your home will have similar door hardware and accessories as most of the other homes in your neighbourhood. Imagine how good it would feel when, every time you come home, you see hardware and accessories on your entrance doors that make a statement about you; that say something different than every other house on the street.

3.    Value – When it comes to the safety, security and curb appeal of your home, saving money is often your most expensive option. Inexpensive locks are more easily breached by thieves and burglars, which can be very costly in terms of repairs, lost possessions and lost peace of mind. And they do nothing for the aesthetic appeal of your home, which can cost you when it comes time to resell.

So the real reason that people choose to pay more for the beauty, durability and safety of antique door hardware is that, in the end, it’s most likely the option that offers them the most value.

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