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Five Excellent Tools for helping the Real Estate Agents

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A real estate broker is someone, who serves the role of an intermediary between the buyers and sellers of real estate properties. However, recent studies have quite sadly shown that most of these salespersons do not stand out to be successful in their profession. According to research, only 20 percent have managed to acquire and handle clients, while the rest are just struggling with limited or no business. In order to manage this difficult situation, certain well thought-out tools have been introduced. These have proved to be quite useful for those agents and effectively helped them to dominate the market. Let us now continue our discussion by knowing about those tools and how they have served the real estate agents.

The Tools or Websites that every Realtor needs

Mentioned below are some online resources that inform the realtors about local prospects, latest market information, pricing data and other trends.

1.       Yahoo-Home - is one of the all-inclusive platforms, which have all the property-listing websites. It offers the real estate brokers as well as property buyers with all the necessary information. Thus, whether you need to do a market research or you desire to buy a home, Yahoo-Home is the place, where you must certainly go.

2.       Google Adwords - This Pay per Click or PPC program of Google is perhaps the easiest way by which brokers could enhance their sales and leads. This is an advertising site, where the agents could drive more buyers by using the right keywords and mentioning the affordable objectives of their campaigns. Through this tool, brokers could track their conversion rates as well ROI.

3.       Dropbox- This is a convenient storage platform for the realtors. Here they could create multiple folders and share them with prospective clients. These folders could contain pictures and essential data about the properties they are intending to sell.

4.      Propertyware- This is management software, which almost all professional and successful realtors use. It contains comprehensive solutions about the management, marketing and accounting. By utilizing this tool, property agents could surely work proficiently on a daily basis and thus, earn maximum profits.

5.       Agent Evolution-It allows realtors to create an outstanding and professional real-estate websites by using WordPress. In order to make the work easier, this platform provides agents with sufficient training through live seminars and video tutorials.  Creating an exceptional site with high-quality content would surely bring much success in the field of real-estate.

Thus, if you are a real estate agent and have completely lost faith in the business due to little clients go ahead and make use of the above-mentioned tools. By merging your own efficiency and knowledge with the services of these platforms, you could be able to reach optimal performing zones and thus, generate more revenues.

As the modern world is being digitalized, most of the work in the reputed organizations is being conducted with the help of computers and internet.New rules are being introduced quite frequently so as to make the businesses accustomed to this new era of technology. As a daily part of their job, real estate agents have to use a great volume of documentations. Rather than keeping only paper copies, it will be prudent to transfer them to computers in the form of PDF files.


FoxyUtils is online software, which has helped real-estate agents to merge as well split their PDF documents. They offer exceptional services and a free trial.




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