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Kenny Slaught of Investec

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While he may appear to be a bit of a mystery to many people in and around Santa Barbara, it’s time to get to know Kenny Slaught of Investec and why you might be interested in learning more about not only the man, but also the business.

The Early Life of Kenny Slaught

There’s a lot to learn about the man who is the driving force behind Santa Barbara’s Investec Real Estate Companies. First of all, he is a local man, born and raised in Pasadena where he attended La Salle High School. It was his performance on the basketball course there that led to a scholarship that allowed him to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara.

There he played varsity basketball for three years and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in business (with a concentration in economics).

Early Career of Mr. Slaught

After graduating UCSB in 1979, Slaught obtained his California Real Estate Broker’s License. Then in 1983 he went on to found Investec Real Estate Companies. To some it appears his feet never hit the ground after that. He has transformed this business into one that has over one billion dollars in real estate transactions, employs 40 people, and manages more than three million square feet of retail, office, and storage properties along with direction of Investec’s investment strategies and making these important decisions.

In other words, Mr. Slaught has been a very business many over the last 32 years as his business has grown by leaps and bounds. If these things weren’t enough to keep him busy, however, Mr. Slaught has also found the time to earn a certification from the California Contractors State License Board. This is useful in the other endeavors Investec Real Estate Companies pursues, such as planning and developing housing communities, building and selling more than 1,000 residential units.

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment for Mr. Slaught, however, has been to grow his real estate company into one that spans five counties in and around Santa Barbara and a name that’s known well beyond these counties.

Mr. Slaught’s Philanthropy

As a lifelong member of the Santa Barbara community, Kenny Slaught believes in giving back to the community he calls home. He supports many local nonprofit organizations such as Storyteller, where he is a founding board member and has served for 26 years, Hospice of Santa Barbara, and on the UCSB Foundation Board of Trustees (where he has served since 1996, and with the Dream Foundation, an organization that provides grants to patients suffering from terminal illnesses.

Kenny Slaught’s Personal Life

When Mr. Slaught isn’t busy building and managing his real estate business and holdings, he prefers to remain active in other ways including competing in triathlons, training for and completing the New York City Marathon, swimming, biking, and hiking.

More than simply Kenny Slaught of Investec, Mr. Slaught is the founder of the business and the driving force behind its success. Santa Barbara is his home, but he prefers to help many others make it their homes too, more importantly he believes in helping his clients make more of their homes and their money by assisting clients in various aspects of asset management, real estate investment, construction, leasing, and more. Now is a great time to get to know the man behind the business you know of as Investec Real Estate Companies.

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