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Yellow Rose Named For Texas Legend Ebby Halliday

Written by on Sunday, 13 March 2005 6:00 pm

Now, she's really the 'Yellow Rose of Texas.' Legendary Realtor, Ebby Halliday was honored with a rose named in her honor as her company Ebby Halliday Realtors , the state's largest independent real estate company enters its 60th year as she, enters her 94th.

One of the leading business women of Dallas, among other entrepreneurial notables such as Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics and Mary Crowley, founder of Home Interiors, Ebby Halliday built her real estate business into an organization with over 1,200 sales associates in 27 area offices. Company associates participated in more than 18,000 property transactions in 2004. Along with Ms. Ash, Ms. Halliday is one of only a few women to receive the coveted Horatio Alger award.

Born in humble circumstances, Ms. Halliday defied the odds -- as a woman and, as a real estate entrepreneur. As the story goes, she went from selling salve door-to-door as an eight-year-old, to selling corsets and hats as a young woman, turning her $1000 savings into a personal stake in her own hat store. A customer's husband, who had built 50 single-family spec homes made of insulated concrete, called her one day. "If you can sell those crazy hats to my wife, maybe you can sell my crazy houses," he told her.

The rest is history. Ebby Halliday is largely credited with "single-handedly changing the face of real estate for women" when she opened her first real estate office in 1945. With her combination of business sense and feminine flair, she made selling real estate as fashionable, and admirable a profession as possible for women, which is still true today.

She continues to work in her brokerage, where she largely performs ceremonial duties, but still takes an active interest in daily goings-on. She is also active in her community where she nudges along numerous civic, and charitable functions toward greater acts of good, occasionally delighting audiences with her singing and ukulele playing.

Ms. Halliday was recently surprised with the presentation of a new yellow rose named, and internationally registered as "Ebby" to commemorate her company's 60th anniversary and to personally honor her on her 94th birthday, March 9, 2005. It was on the occasion of the company's annual awards luncheon she commented, "I am so very honored and moved by this thoughtful and unique show of affection. What a wonderful gift that will stand as a testament to this grand company for years to come, and provide beauty wherever it is planted for all to enjoy."

The Ebby Rose is a radiant yellow floribunda with dark glossy leaves, and was created to honor the real estate industry leader's fondness for wearing yellow and surrounding herself with yellow flowers. It will be available for sale exclusively at the North Haven Gardens, and will also be featured in the gardens of the Dallas Arboretum.

Editor's note: Many of us at Realty Times have met Ms. Halliday many times and wish her congratulations on her continued success.

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