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Littleton, Colorado: Mountain Views With Flat Sales

Written by on Thursday, 28 August 2003 7:00 pm

Denver area sales are flat, and Littleton, Colorado is no exception, but local Realtors hope stirring mountain views and an improving economy will bring buyers back.

"Littleton offers award-winning schools, open space, and both vintage and new construction to choose from," says Realtor Jeff Jackson . "Littleton housing prices have followed suit with the rest of the metro area with an increase of homes on the market."

Jackson advises, "The western Littleton area is close to the mountains, and is popular with outdoor lovers. Seller motivation is truly a factor leading to good or great deals to be had by buyers in this area. Life is full of "what if's" - don't let buying or selling a home be one of them."

Says Realtor Sigrid Meier , "The heat is on! Buyers are in hot pursuit to find the greatest bargain in the Metro Denver area. With over 26,000 properties currently for sale, it is making it more difficult for the seller to find a buyer that is willing, able and qualified to buy. For the buyer this kind of market is just as difficult. To find that "perfect" house a buyer now looks at least three to four times as long before making a decision. The buyer's thought is that there is a better-looking home, greater condition or location out there. They know that time and market condition are on their side. Even historic low interest rates fail to put urgency in to the buying process.

She forecasts, "My thoughts on the real estate market in Denver for the next six months is that it will remain flat with no great fluctuations. With the beginning of February 2004 coinciding with an upswing in the economy the housing market should start to move again, probably coupled with higher interest rates."

"Interest rates have started to go up," cautions Realtor Jim Jorgensen , "however, they still remain much lower than most people were used to paying. This is not a reason to put off a buying/selling decision. If anything, as the economy improves, rates will continue to rise. There is no indication that they will come back down at this time. When considering working with a real estate professional to sell your home, remember that not all real estate agents are alike. Consider the value an agent brings to the table, and weigh all options before hiring one. Same is true for buyers. Make sure your agent knows what your wants and needs are, and isn't just driving you around."

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