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Tips On Fighting Eviction

Written by Andy Woodbridge on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 1:14 pm

If for some reason you have a lease or rental agreement when it comes to eviction, then you will most likely have an attorney that will be able to take on your case. If you have a lawyer clause then you will most likely be able to win the case that you are fighting for the eviction that you are facing. There are various attorneys that you can look into hiring online, but just to get you started you might consider checking out where you just might discover an attorney in Colorado that can help you with the particular case that you are facing.

Landlord Lawyers

When it comes to fighting an eviction, it would be a wise idea for you to hire a landlord lawyer who will help you to fight for certain rights. The landlord attorney will be able to help you with fighting against your landlord so that you will be able to stay in your home. There are many different strategies that a landlord attorney will be able to use to help you when it comes to fighting your eviction notice. When contacting a landlord attorney, you will need to schedule a few appointments so that you will have a better chance at fighting your landlord for your current eviction status. It is a wise idea to meet up with more than one landlord attorney so that you will find one that you are comfortable speaking with, and one who you think is capable of winning your case for you. When you make your first appointment, you can expect your lawyer to ask you how far behind on your rent you are so that they will be able to come up with a plan for you.

Eviction Charges

When you speak with your eviction attorney it is quite important for you to explain to him/her your personal situation in detail. First and foremost you need to explain to your attorney the fees that are due to be paid during the time of eviction. The attorney will be able to help you when it comes to determining whether or not the rental company or the landlord will be responsible for paying the fees that need to be paid for your rend. If found guilty, the landlord will also be responsible for paying the court costs that are associated with the eviction. Of course this is something that will only happen if your attorney is able to win your case for you.

Your rights

When you have a landlord tenant lawyer there are certain rights that you would be entitled too. First and foremost you just might be entitled to a withhold of rent payments or the need to pay for things in your rented home that need to be repaired at the time that you are told to move out.

Things your rent attorney can do

There are some things that your rent or lease attorney will be able to do to help you out until a final decision is made for your case:

  • Hold your payments for rent in an account until the repairs that need to be done to your home are completed by your landlord.
  • You alone use the rent money for the repairs that need to be completed in your home. You use the money given to you for the repair supplies.

How a Landlord can evict you in illegal ways

While there may be many people who are in denial about this, there are landlords that will truly aim to have you evicted illegally, for personal reasons. As you read along you can learn more about some of the ways landlords will attempt to evict you from your home illegally.

  • Changing the locks on your door or taking the door off the hinges.
  • Landlord may turn off your electricity.
  • Packing your personal belongings and placing them outside.

Your landlord Might Discriminate

Although it is not right, your landlord just might play the card of trying to discriminate against you. After reading the above mentioned, you should know that your landlord attorney will be able to keep your landlord from performing illegal actions against you. It will keep you and your rights safe as well as help you with having time to find somewhere else to move.

However, discrimination in any case is something that no one should have to experience. Discrimination is illegal, and your landlord could face chares if for some reason he/she is discriminating against you. If you feel as though your landlord is discriminating against you, you should immediately get in touch with a HUD lawyer, who will perform a case for you pro bono. Pro bono means that this attorney will represent you for free. This is even more reason you should look into getting this type of assistance if you really need it. Also in case you didn’t know, HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development. They will help in your case to determine whether or not discrimination has been a factor in your personal situation so that they may have a lawyer represent you for free in a pro bono case.

Injury Accidents

In some cases, there are many people who complain about being injured on the property that they are leasing. If for some reason you have been injured because of a dangerous area on the property, and you have mentioned it to your landlord, you would be able to sue your landlord if they have never tried to fix the issue. This is true especially if you have had repeated incidents within the same area that the landlord has failed to fix.

Issues such as this require a landlord attorney to be hired in order to get justice out of the situation. Many landlords fail to realize that their tenants will take action on the issues that they are facing and are many times caught by surprise when they are sued!

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  • Comment Link Thursday, 16 January 2014 1:10 pm posted by

    I am in dire need of a trial lawyer to fight the illegal actions that were done by the "straw buyer" of my home. First, the title was transferred by fraud; then the title lien was removed by forgery, then the house got sold and I received NOTHING! Homeless and broke, I cannot get a competent DC lawyer to represent me on a contingency basis. With the assistance of an attorney, I know I can win back my $2.0M lien! HELP ME PLEASE!

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