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Leads – 2005

Second Generation Listing Portals monetizing listing data via lead generation fees

Knowledge is Power

Alvin Toffler’s Three sources of power: Violence; Wealth; and Information

iBuyer; Sean Black

Today’s homeseller is competing with companies (Wall Street) who are buying properties with cash and fast closings

Homes as investments

Big companies buying up lots of houses and renting them out as investments; a new asset class; fewer sales, fewer commissions

New business models

Competing with Free; modern business models like Compass, eXp Realty, HomeSmart

New business model cont’d

“Modern Discount Brokers” – Redfin (employee vs independent contractor); REX; Referral companies HomeLight). What’s your compelling argument to differentiate yourself?

More engagements more often

Social media enables you to create more engagements more often, create new relationships quicker and re-establish old relationships very quickly.

Manifestations of Tech in Real Estate

Manifesting itself in rapid technological innovation, human engagement in a big way, generational differences, and new concepts of ownership

Paying for Data

At some point the data should pay for the collection of the data. Understand the value of the data.

List Hub – Spencer call 2010

2010 there were 2 companies that would collect and normalize the data and make it available to portals (ListHub and Point2); Realtor.com ended up owning both companies.


There’s been marketability but a lack of liquidity, takes long time to close. New business models facilitate liquidity in the acquisition and disposition of real estate.

Lions and Chihuahuas

The lion  is coming over the hill and Realtors are like a bunch of Chihuahuas arguing over the bone (Billy Chee speech at launch of RIN).

Hard Sale! Selling Internet Ads in the Early Days of Internet

History of Real Estate Tech Review 1995-96

History of Real Estate Tech Review 1996-01

History of Real Estate Tech Review 2001-2009

Dynamic Yield Max

e-PRO program


Evolution of Tech in Real Estate

Finding Saul and RealTown

Future By Design

Future Shock

Goldberg; Reach 1

Build Relationships – FARP

FARP - Steps in building relationships-- Engagements online should be Frequent; Anticipated, Relevant, and Personal

Change – Long Tail

Change is a constant in the real estate industry. Why is it different this time? Does Long Tail play a role?

Crusaders and WWW

The Internet Crusade's Getting Connected campaign back in the early days 1996-2001

Data and Dinosaurs

The value of data - information is the currency of the 21st century

Beginnings with Bob

The beginnings of the Realtor Information Network (RIN) – June 1995

Bill Gates Predictions About Real Estate

In his 1995 book “The Road Ahead” Bill Gates predicted that “the whole system of real estate agencies and commissions may be changed by the principals having direct access to so much information.”

Black Monday and the Divesting of Brokerages

On the verge of the greatest social and economic explosion the world has ever seen. Kiosks at first.

Broker Services

Traditional brokerage services make way for new business models and technologies

Before Franchise Brokerages c3

Historical changes in the real estate brokerage business.

Average Age Realtors

Average age of REALTORS is influenced by the development of relationships

Austin Association of REALTORS The Real Pioneers c3

The first appearance of listings on the world wide web

Ameritrade process

Someday the transfer of real property might be like trading stock online

Alex Rampell

Disruption in the real estate marketplace is impacted by institutional investors as predicted by Alex Rampell

Aggregiation of Financial Services c3

The aggregation of Financial Services in the real estate marketplace

1968 Naval Academy

The forces of change are already in play as illustrated by this Naval Academy example

Merri Jo Cowen, CEO, Stellar MLS

Realty Times Interviews Merri Jo Cowen, CEO, Stellar MLS

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