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NAR DC 2019 - The Independent Broker Network

Realty Times Interviews Tod Southworth The Independent Broker Network -

NAR DC 2019 - Amarki

Realty Times interviews Amarki founder Wayne Creel

NAR DC 2019 - Krishna Malyala - TLCengine

Realty Times Interviews CEO Krishna Malyala of TLCengine

Editor's Blog

Editor's Blog

Interview #3 Robert Reffkin, CEO, Compass

Compass has raised over $1.2 billion and has



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The support a parcel of real property receives from the land ad¬joining it is called lateral support. It is not a right in the land of an adjoining owner, rather a right incident to ownership of the property entitled to the support. Subjacent support is that support the surface of the earth receives from its underlying strata.

The basic rules of support are the same for both. In


“The only person who never makes mistakes is the person who never does anything.”

-  Denis Waitley