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Change – Long Tail

FARP - Steps in building relationships-- Engagements online should be Frequent; Anticipated, Relevant, and Personal

Crusaders and WWW

Change is a constant in the real estate industry. Why is it different this time? Does Long Tail play a role?

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Data and Dinosaurs

The Internet Crusade's Getting Connected campaign back in the early days 1996-2001

Editor's Blog

Editor's Blog

"Investment in real estate technology increased 607 percent in Q1 2019 compared to



Word of the Day

A description of real property that identifies a parcel of land by ref¬erence to lot and block numbers appearing on maps and plats of recorded subdivided land. For example, the description might read: “Lot 6, Block 8, Breezy Hills Subdivision, Serene County, Anystate, according to the plat thereof on file and of record in the office of the Registrar of Deeds in and for the said


“Habits grow with practice, from cobwebs into cables.”

-  Denis Waitley