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The Easiest Way to Build Trust With Your Real Estate Clients

Written by Posted On Thursday, 16 March 2017 15:03

Many consumers are less likely to trust their realtor than other professionals with whom they work, and it doesn’t bode well for real estate agents. Perhaps it’s the opinion many people share about those who work on a commission. They want a paycheck, so they want to sell anyone anything without putting forth the effort to work hard to make a quality sale so much as they work to many any sale. While this might be true of some realtors, others are in the business because they want to help others find their dream home, make their dreams come true, and see the smiles their clients get when they find the one. As a realtor, your job is to build trust in your client relationships, but it’s not always easy. These tips might help you make that possible.


Be Honest


If there’s one thing buyers recognize in a realtor, it’s their honesty. If a client comes to you with a $100,000 budget looking for a home in a million-dollar neighborhood, don’t tell them you can make their dreams come true. Tell them they’re going to make some sacrifices if they want to afford a home like that in a neighborhood like that, and it’s probably not going to happen. Being honest means your buyers will trust your judgement rather than see you as someone who just agrees with them so you can make a sale.


Be Available


When your client has a question, they want answers. It’s not always convenient to take their calls right away, but it’s imperative you let the know you’re available. If you’re with another client, shoot them a quick text message or email letting them know you’re currently unavailable but will return their call at this time with an answer. This makes them understand you’re there for them and not just ignoring them.


Detail the Steps


When it’s time to discuss the homebuying process with your clients, it’s important to detail each step. If your clients are looking for a home and have bad credit or no preapproval, tell them honestly that credit repair is the first step toward finding a home. Let them know they must be preapproved, how they’ll make an offer, what happens next, and keep them updated on every step of the process the entire way through the process. Your job is to never leave them in the lurch while things are going on around them. Let them know where you are in the process, what’s happening, and what to expect with each step.


Answer Their Questions


Buyers have hundreds of questions from what happens if they want to replace the pantry doors with glass interior doors to what happens if they want to add a pool to a home they fell in love with. Find out the answers and provide them. Don’t guess. Know what will happen if they do that. Know the cost, know that it will or won’t add value to the home based on location and/or comparable homes in the area. Know the answers, and be honest. Your clients might not be looking for the answer you provide, but they’ll appreciate your honesty rather than making things up to tell them what they want to hear.

Being a realtor is a difficult job. It’s one you never check out of, and it’s one that means you must be available at all hours. Your clients are searching for a new home outside their actual jobs and lives, and that means they’re often unavailable to speak during your preferred business hours. Be available when they need you. Be accessible, be honest, and be realistic for them. They might not always like your answers, but they’ll learn to trust you quickly when you’re honest.

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