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How to Revamp Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

Written by Posted On Thursday, 16 March 2017 18:21

You don’t need to put your kitchen décor dreams on hold, simply because your budget seems too tight to work with. Kitchen design is extremely flexible, with a number of different ways to add character and trendy features to the room whilst keeping the costs low and efficient. One of the largest benefits to the kitchen is the number of different décor opportunities it holds, from the décor itself, to the stylish appliances and final interior touches that give it that personal, homely touch. Try incorporating some of these thrifty yet trendy design ideas into your décor and see how you can transform your kitchen, without spending too much.

Focus on Lighting

The lighting within the room plays a really important part in how the room looks, as well as the atmosphere that is created on a daily basis. In your kitchen, you’ll often find you require more than one form of lighting. For day to day use, it’s beneficial to have bright, clear lighting that gives your kitchen an open, spacious feel. Whilst allowing as much natural light to flow through is ideal for this, you’ll still need some bold lighting for those duller days. You could then look at adding some lamps into your kitchen, to help create a warm, homely atmosphere when the room is being used for dining, socialising, or even when the room isn’t in use. You can find some beautiful lamps available that will add a touch of character to your kitchen, as well as adding a practical feature.

Purchase New Handles

Door handles are a consistent feature throughout your home, that adds a touch of character to the door and enables you to finish the room off in a stylish way. In your kitchen, you have access to a number of doors, from your kitchen cupboard doors, to the main kitchen doors that lead in and out of the room. By purchasing some bold, stylish handles you can transform your kitchen without having to make much of a change at all. These small touches make a huge difference to the look of a room and will really help to lift the atmosphere and add a chic touch to your kitchen décor. Keep your handle style consistent throughout the room and, if possible, throughout the house, as this will draw your interiors together and enable the style to flow throughout each room.

Make one Splurge

Many homeowners struggle when it comes to making their kitchen look and feel finished. Whilst the main décor may be designed exactly how you wanted it to be, you may feel that the room lacks that ‘wow’ factor. Introducing a bold feature to your kitchen can really make the interiors pop and stand out. By spending a little bit more on one part of the kitchen, you’ll notice an instant lift in the whole atmosphere and the room will look much bolder and full of character. When it comes to investing money into one area of your home, focus on an area that will make a difference. One of the best features for the kitchen is a luxury appliance. Splurging on one expensive appliance, that has lots of practical use as well as style, will give your kitchen that ‘wow’ factor and also make your cooking a much more enjoyable experience.

Create a Multi-Functional Space

Over the past few years, kitchens have become more than just a room dedicated to cooking. You now find that many kitchens have combined cooking and dining areas, with some even incorporating a social, living area to the room. By creating a multi-functional space in your kitchen, you can start to make the most of the room and utilise the space available. Cost-efficient ways of introducing dining to your kitchen would include adding a new table with some chairs, or even some bar stools to the current worktop area. These don’t have to be expensive updates, but they will make a huge difference and give your kitchen a boost.

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