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Sell Your Home to Younger Buyers Like a Pro

Written by Posted On Friday, 17 March 2017 15:15

Selling your home can come with a long list of challenges that usually require the help of professional stagers, but what do you do when your budget won’t allow it or you just want to do it on your own? Luckily for you, not all tricks and tips come with a hefty staging fee. Here are 7 staging tips to help your home appeal to younger buyers.

Go for White Cabinets

Selling to Young Buyers

Younger buyers love white cabinets because they usually associate dark hues with older, more ‘dated’ homes. You can perhaps get away with non-white cabinetry if they’re painted in a light enough shade but if you’re planning on investing in repainting cabinets, white would be the colour of choice.

Stick with Simple Countertops

Selling to Young Buyers2

Stone and granite countertops are loved by young buyers because they’re durable and classic without coming off as too fancy. For best appeal, stick to light veining on your granite or pick near solid colours. This way, you’ll attract more potential buyers.

Choose Warm, Neutral Colours for Walls

Selling to Young Buyers3

A soft beige or a warm gray would be a hit as a neutral wall colour for a young family or a young professional. Stay away from pinks, greens, blues, or even reds. By choosing on-trend neutrals like grays, potential home buyers wouldn’t have a hard time imagining how they’d decorate your home should they take the bite and make it theirs.

Renovate for an Open Shower Space

Selling to Young Buyers4

Bathtubs aren’t as ‘hot’ as they used to be and more and more younger folks are into open glass showers. Here’s the thing, though, if your bathroom is large enough, keeping the tub would be fantastic too. It’s all about giving your buyers the possibility of more options and plenty of space.

Consider Updating Appliances

Selling to Young Buyers5

Stainless steel may not appeal to you, but they’re a hit amongst younger buyers. Not only do they make a kitchen look automatically better, they go great with the white cabinetry mentioned earlier.

Keep Your Market’s Preferences in Mind

Are you selling to families with children or single young professionals? If you want to sell to families, you’d want to fix everything that needs fixing and get your home as move-ready as possible.

If your target market is young professionals, then leaving some things for them to add their touch on would be great if you’re willing to sell at a slightly lower price. Single adults often envision having their first home be an extension of themselves, and would love the challenge of fixing some things to suit their tastes if it means saving a few thousand dollars from the home’s price.

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