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Ann M. Adley of Lexington MA. Eyes North East Expansion for Morgan Ramey Homes

Written by Posted On Sunday, 23 April 2017 14:30

Ann Adley, owner of Morgan Ramey Homes, is planning on expanding the firm’s operational area throughout the United States’ North East. The home building company currently operates exclusively in Massachusetts, but is planning on responding to demand for panelization built homes within other states in close proximity.

“Morgan Ramey homes has been growing steadily since I founded it almost 20 years ago,” Adley says, “As our business has grown, we have seen our reputation for eco-friendly home building expand outside of Massachusetts, and I now feel we have the capacity and the correct supplier to be able to expand into surrounding states.”

Given the material intensive nature of the construction industry - it has traditionally been challenging for smaller home builders to expand into larger regions. Setting up supply chains that can deliver necessary equipment and materials efficiently without adding complexity has long been a struggle of expanding building companies. This is especially true with panelization builders - the majority of their materials are manufactured prior to construction in central factory locations.

“Our supplier, Hamilton Building Services, is located in Cortland, New York,” Adley says, “This means that we already have the internal infrastructure in place to allow for us to receive the same high-quality materials throughout the North East without having to change suppliers. Currently, Hamilton Building Supplies distribute to CT, ME, MA, NH, PA, VT, RI, and NY - meaning we have large area to consider for potential expansion.”

Morgan Ramey Homes is planning on initially expanding into Connecticut and New Hampshire - their closest neighbors. This will allow for current fixed costs to remain similar, while drastically increasing the firm’s customer base. The choice is not only down to proximity, the types of homes demanded in these two states is also very similar to that of Massachusetts. This means that Adley’s company will be able to produce similar builds for their new client base.

“I recently completed my MBA at Endicott College and it has given me the tools to be confident going forward with this expansion,” Adley says, “Investing heavily in a business always comes with an associated risk - especially when that investment concerns expanding a business. But I have done due diligence in ensuring that we have builders with the skills needed, as well as demand for our services that will satisfy our investment.”

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