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Secret Behind Pre-Built Homes Becoming All The Rage in Canada

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 23 May 2017 19:39

If you haven’t heard about pre-built homes yet, you will soon. Not just because you’re reading this article, but because pre-built homes -- otherwise known as “prefab” or “modular” homes -- are becoming the next big thing in the home construction industry.


Pre-built homes are revolutionizing the industry because they are built ahead of time in a factory, and then shipped to the home location site  and quickly constructed there. This is much more effective than the traditional method of constructing a home piece by piece in its own footprint. Using a pre-built home means that the materials used to build your home will have less exposure to the elements, and your home can be built much more quickly. Less exposure to the elements is crucial because often times weather damage can happen while the home is in the process of being built, and this can cause underlying foundational issues that may end up costing you a lot of money down the road when your foundation starts to settle and your entire house becomes misaligned.

Canada has recently started catching on to the pre-built homes fad thanks to the burgeoning prefab industry in Ontario. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why Canada is leading the charge in this new trend.


  1. 1. Reduced Cost

Of all the reasons why pre-built homes are becoming popular, this is the most prevalent one. While you might think pre-built homes would cost more due to all their advantages over regular homes, this is actually not true. The reduced cost of labor and time it takes to put the home together add up to huge savings, as pre-built homes usually take over 2 months less to build than traditionally constructed homes.


    2.    Better for the Environment

While pre-built homes do use more raw materials during the transportation and construction processes, overall they produce less waste and wasted materials. This is partially because the builders set aside their off-cuts and reuse it in other places and projects.


    3.    Going Green

Pre-built homes are perfect for those who want to go green for a number of reasons. The fact that they are better for the environment due to producing less wasted material in the building process is just one of them. Pre-built homes are also very easy to equip with self- sustaining equipment like solar panels, and green roofs. Solar hot water kits, solar electric kits, and net zero capability are also some very common options that are easy to have installed in a pre-built home. If you wanted these things in a traditionally constructed home you would probably have to get them all added in after the initial construction was completed. The self-sufficient energy options also tend to use up to two-thirds less energy than regular homes.


    4.    Simpler Designs

If you’re just looking to get movers to put you into a nice home quickly, the process of choosing a pre-built home is very easy and simple. You don’t have to worry about adding in last-minute changes or having to incorporate specific and grandiose features that don’t fit well with the current layout. Pre-built homes usually have up to 20 different designs you can choose from; some customization options are available but not so many that you will be faced with paralysis by analysis. You also don’t ever have to worry about your foundation cracking or settling, because prefab homes can only be built on certain grade foundations and require a crawlspace underneath them.


    5.    Quicker Payment

With traditional stick-built houses the payment process is generally dragged out over a long period of time as the project is completed. This can be a hassle when having to deal with finances over and over again. With pre-built homes the payment is usually required upfront,  meaning you can take out a loan or pay out of pocket once then sit back and wait for your home to be constructed.


    6.    Higher Quality Materials

Because prefab homes are built in factories, the discounts on mass quantities of lumber and other materials are passed on to the buyer. These materials are usually of higher quality as well, despite some arguments to the contrary. The materials used also have almost no chance of being stolen or damaged by weather. This means higher quality walls and doors that aren't likely to crack, mold, or acquire rust or sun damage.

Canada is catching on to this new type of housing quickly, and it's not hard to see why. With all the money-saving and environmental benefits to buying a pre-built home, it's safe to say that it won't be long before the rest of the world starts to catch on too.

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