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How To Investigate Your Windows For Air And Water Leaks

Written by Posted On Monday, 19 June 2017 04:52

Every home owner values the comfort and cosines of his apartment of house. But every GOOD home owner does periodical checks in order to find the possible problems and tries to eliminate them before it is too late. One of such problems is air, and especially water leaks in the window area. So today we will talk a little about how to inspect a window concerning the water and air leaks.

The first type of inspection is of course taking a close look at the window itself. If the gaps can be detected visually - it is now more than a problem - because except for that, your house is also using energy - and you as an owner probably get higher energy bills. So it’s time now to try a quick energy audit and find out the scale of the problem.

The easiest thing is to check the house concerning the air leak. How? Very simple:

  • First you seal your home by closing and locking all doors, windows, and all the possible openings you can only find.
    Next step is to close all the ventilation openings and dampers.
    Then you need to switch on all of the exhaust fans in the house. ALL OF THEM. this will allow to create a controlled air movement - and that’s exactly what we need.
    If the previous steps were made right - this should create a reverse pressure - and the air will start to get sucked into the house through the possible gaps.
    Light the joss stick and pass it along all the windows and even doors. This will immediately show the rushing of the air for the outside.
    Mission complete.

Now when we found the gaps - you already see the amount of future work on how to eliminate the problem. But that’s the other story - let us move on to the water leaks.
The procedure will be the same - with only one difference - the water can only come inside form UNDER the window or a door. Since we inspect windows on this article - we will start right there. And start from the very beginning.

  • Seal all the windows in the house.
    Remember the fact, that when it is raining - all the water comes down the glass part of the window - right to the window sill. And it can collect there.
    Take the water house and open the tap. Squeeze the hose a little bit - so the water comes out under the pressure.
    Elaborately point the water stream to the window outside seals and possible gaps which you don’t see of course with a naked eye.
    Spend at least half a minute on each window.
    Turn the tap off and carefully inspect the windows from the inside.

If there’s a leak somewhere - you will see amounts of water from the inside. And this means unnecessary moisture and other problems. If this happened - please refer to our previous articles and we hope that you just get away with a simple repair. May you have a safe house!
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This is a guest post provided by Apex Window Werks, a home window glass repair company. Visit their website for more details about the services they provide.

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