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5 Things to Know about Moving to Boston's Climate

Written by Posted On Monday, 19 June 2017 17:43

Boston lies in all its splendor across the Charles River.

Located in the northeastern region of the country, Boston has the four stereotypical seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. Since the city is north, the winter is generally colder than many other areas of the United States. However, it's all relative; if you're moving from the north, you'll probably experience warmer weather all year than what you are used to. In any case, knowing what to expect when you move to this urban area is important.

Home Heating System

Having heat in your home is really a necessity if you live in Boston. Oil and gas are the two major methods of heating your home, and you should compare the benefits and drawbacks between the two. When you're looking at houses, you may decide that you want a house that is heated by gas. Converting from oil to gas is an option that you may want to consider paying for prior to moving into the house.

Home Cooling System

While the winters in Boston can see a prodigious amount of snow and freezing temperatures, the summers bring with them some hot temperatures and humidity. Keep in mind that Boston is a large city, so you are likely to experience warmer weather than people living in the suburbs. Failure to have an air conditioning system in the house could mean that you're quite uncomfortable once June hits.


Homeowner's insurance is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. Extreme heat and cold can lead to issues in the house, but so can major storms, such as hurricanes. Boston has seen some major storms in recent years, such as Hurricane Sandy, which was known for destroying many areas in the eastern part of the country. Ensuring that you have insurance to prepare for such issues is important. Contact a real estate company like Carter Real Estate if you have questions about this.

Outdoor Areas

If you are purchasing a home with an outdoor area in Boston, know that you will need to prepare the space for the winter. For example, you will need to close and open a pool in Boston; it cannot remain open the entire year there with the weather. When hurricane season approaches, you may also need to bring in chairs, tables and other items that could become projectiles in the event of a storm.

Four Season

Maybe you are used to living in an area like Florida where you can do without much more than a light jacket on the coldest of days, or perhaps you are from Alaska where you spend the majority of the year bundled up. Before moving to Boston, you'll want to make sure that you have clothes for all of the seasons since that is what this city experiences.

Moving to Boston means that you'll have the opportunity to learn about culture and history and to try new food and activities. It also means that you'll be introduced to all four seasons if you don't already know them, so prepare your wardrobe accordingly.

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