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Questions about single family housing projects to respond to What is a single-family housing project for?

Written by Posted On Friday, 11 August 2017 18:48

The dream of many people is to build their own house. This is a  complicated project that requires many steps to follow. A first step to begin this process is to do a housing project, so a professional will help us to be clear all the steps to follow during our trip to the house we want.

When you have just purchased a plot of land and are planning to build your own house in this place it is time to complete the single-family housing project. Building a house is a complicated project and you will have to ask for help from a professional, this task is done by an architect. 

The architect will draft and supervise the entire project from start to finish. He will be present in all phases and will control that all the professionals fulfill their tasks. It will also capture the ideas you have about your house and that you can not explain. It will also advise you on current licenses and regulations.

Why hire an architect for your home project?

The architect is the only professional who can advise you on this process. Sometimes we want to lower costs and we think we can make the plans ourselves because we know what we want, but this can be expensive if we are not qualified. The mistakes that you have in your house for not having dealt with a professional will come out much more expensive than if you have consulted and drafted project from the beginning.

In addition, the architect knows as nobody the structures, supports and possibilities of a house, besides the current regulations and necessary licenses. In short, it is a cost that can save you many personal and economic dislikes.

An architect will draw the plans and set up stays as you want. It is true that having it will mean a significant added cost, but will win your home in aesthetics, security and, certainly, value.

What should an architect's project include?

Successful use of space:  We mean that an architect, laying the foundation of the project well will save you money by making the most of your space. The wasted m2 could be multiplied without the help of this professional.

It puts limits on the impossible:  We may have ideas about what we want, but there are issues that are impossible or very bad ideas. The architect who writes project's custom research papers knows the rules and possibilities better than anyone.

Style and functionality:  Taste or idea that we have to make a nice house in the project will reflect real ideas adapting the spaces both to the regulations as to our taste, in addition to paying attention to the layout of the house on the land. The three fundamental points that the architects solve are the internal circulation of the house, the ventilation, and the illumination. This would be more related to the design.

Technical aspects: The project will include all the details such as electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, solar panels, foundations, and many other aspects.

Administrative aspects: This is where you will see an approximate price of all the costs of the work that will be done through a detailed list. In addition, also will be included all the certificates for the habitability of the house.

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