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Get your home sold fast with this simple trick!

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Get your home ready to attract qualified buyers Get your home ready to attract qualified buyers

Your marketing initiatives for your home are all in place.

✓ You’ve priced your home competitively.

✓ You’ve completed all home repairs.

 You’ve finished staging, landscaping, and beautifying your home.

✓ Your marketing campaign is officially launched.

You should expect to get calls from potential buyers. These calls lead to appointments for people to view your home in person.

But what if you’re showing your house and it’s gaining interest, but no offers? You are receiving calls, setting up appointments, but no one makes an offer. Perhaps, worst case scenario, you’re getting complaints instead of a contingency offer. How do you convert these house showings into a sale?

It’s time to give up on individual appointments. We suggest creating specific showtimes for potential buyers instead. Arrange one or two days a week to show your house to a large group of people all at once. If any interested parties wish to return for a second time, schedule those as a group also.

We have three reasons why showing your house as group viewings can be more successful than individual appointments!


Buyers need to be motivated to take action. The more motivated they are, the faster they will move. For example, consider the Christmas shopping season. Very few people shop for gifts until the last month before Christmas. Why? The sale season doesn’t begin until this time, and sales motivate people to buy things.

So don’t make your house too accessible. If you have a group of interested guests in one location, you will create a sense of urgency among them, motivating them to make an offer promptly.


Exclusivity creates curiosity. If you are getting interest in your property, but no offers, showtimes create a sense of exclusivity. You might be shocked how much of a difference this can make. People view showtimes as an event, which often generates more interest than appointments.


Your buyer wants to have the first and strongest offer, compared to everyone else. He or she doesn’t want to lose the house to a better offer. This “fear-loss” factor can get you offers quickly.

Why not give this suggestion a try? Create showtimes for your house and you will likely create the desired result. If people really want to see your home, they will wait!

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How to attract the most qualified buyers to your property
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