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Why Real Estate Agents Are Leaving Big Firms & Moving To Boutique Shops

Written by Posted On Friday, 06 October 2017 22:07

Large real estate brokerages generally provide excellent training, national brand recognition and generous advertising budgets. Despite these advantages nearly 75% of all new realtors end up leaving the industry within the first year. We’ve seen a shift of seasoned realtors moving from big brand name agencies to boutique shops. We spoke with Lori Gemme, a broker who specializes in the Reno housing market in order to investigate this growing trend.


Family Atmosphere

Smaller boutiques tend to be more close knit and are generally comprised of individuals who have worked together for a long period of time. As a result employers are more likely to have close relationships with their employees. Boutique owners tend to have a more hands-on approach in day-to-day affairs. It can be a relief to be able to talk to the owner if you have a question or concern. On the other hand, larger firms tends to have a higher rate of turnover and the large influx of people makes it more challenging to form meaningful friendships with fellow workers.

Success Oriented

Since boutique firms are smaller in size, agents are most likely to be competitive in their field and top producers. Agents who want to succeed may prefer a success oriented environment as they are more likely to be motivated by their high producing co-workers.


A larger real estate company is more likely to have a larger number of unproductive agents because it makes revenue off desk fees and regardless if the agent is successful. This can result in demoralized agents who are ok with just hitting the bare minimum sales quota.

More Flexibility

A small firm is ideal for seasoned realtors who already have set a system up for marketing and don’t require hands-on training. A boutique agency also offers more flexibility in terms of the types of creative transactions allowed without the restrictive policies often found at larger firms.

Personalized Service

81% of consumers believe that small businesses deliver better service compared to larger corporations. Customers are more likely to get lost in the shuffle at a large firm due to the sheer number of employees and administrative red tape. Smaller brokerages are more likely to give bonuses to agents to sell in-house listings. Agents from these firms are also more likely to offer personalized service in an effort to close more sales.


“As a broker/owner of a boutique realty firm, it’s certainly easier for us when compared to a national company to stay on top of our systems which efficiently optimize the buying and selling process for our clients, says Lori Gemme, Broker/Owner of NV Gemme Real Estate located in Reno, Nevada.


The type of agency best suited to your professional needs will depend on your industry experience, budget and expectations. Due your due diligence before picking a firm and research the commision splits, marketing efforts, training and flexibility before making a final decision.

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