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Top 7 tips for building a swimming pool in a small space

Written by Posted On Monday, 09 October 2017 14:16

Installing a swimming pool in your home will not only add panache and style to your yard, but it’ll also boost the property value over time. That’s because the presence of a swimming pool presents a whole host of possibilities; from enjoying poolside soirees with your loved ones or sun downers on balmy summer evenings, to fun kids’ parties and Sundays spent lounging by the pool while enjoying a fascinating read.

However, before you start enjoying all the benefits that come with having a pool, you have to install it, and if you’re working with a small space, then you should know that this is no small task. That’s why we’ve done some research and compiled a list of top tips on how you can successfully install a pool even when you’re working with a small property.

  1. Consult with a professional

Now that you’ve made the decision to install a pool, you’ve probably started doing ‘research’ on sites like Pinterest and Instagram, where you’ve perhaps found a plethora of stunning pool images to inspire you. However, in order to translate that inspiration into realty, you have to consult the services of a professional designer, as some of your ideas may not be as practical as you think.  Starting with a fabulous yet practical design will better your chances of creating something truly original and magical.

  1. Choose your material

Once you have your design, the next step is to choose the material which you’ll be using to construct the pool with. The easiest one to work with is prefabricated fibreglass, which as the name implies, comes ready-made in a certain mould which you then have to install. Although it’s the cheapest material to work with, and super-fast to put up, fibreglass is very limiting in that you’re not able to customise it to your preferences. It can also be a mission to transport and deliver it to your house as well, and oftentimes makes it difficult to comply with pool fencing requirements that are set for your safety.

Another option is to use concrete, which is a bit more costly but has the added advantage of being highly malleable. With concrete, you can fully determine the shape and size of your pool, which is an important consideration when you’re working with little space, as it requires ingenuity in design and sometimes unusual shapes that may not be available as a prefabricated option. Concrete is also easy to transport and will give you the freedom of design needed to create the pool of your dreams, regardless of the size of your space.

  1. Location

It’s also important to consult with a professional when considering the exact spot where you’ll be placing the pool. That’s because the decision of positioning the pool requires expertise in engineering, especially in scenarios where there’s a possibility of burrowing next to a boundary in order to accommodate the pool etc. However you also have to consider the aesthetic component of placing your pool, as you’ll want it to be at a spot with plenty of sunshine and maybe even a beautiful view of the surrounding garden landscape, sea scape or city scape.

  1. Consider the Fence

Small spaces often require that the pool rise out of the ground by at least 1200 mm. This is because the walls are then used to provide the pool barrier, and to make this work, the pool needs to fulfil safety requirements like having a custom made pool gate with stairs leading up to the pool boundary and so on. So you’ll want your fence to comply with all these requirements before you start construction.

  1. The Digging

Ideally you’ll start digging the pool as soon as you’ve figure out the design and positioning, and as with the previous steps, it’s probably a good idea to call on the help of professionals when you start the actual construction, such as the professional team at Riverina Pools.

  1. Keep it Simple

One can get easily carried away with the design when inundated by spectacular ideas from the internet as well as suggestions from well-meaning friends and family. But these grand imaginations aren’t always feasible nor affordable, so the best way is to do what you can with what you’ve got (in terms of space), and try and keep the design as simple as possible. Of course you can always add interesting details like a small waterfall backdrop or an acrylic window is a great way to give your pool a unique look without breaking the bank.

  1.  Take care of the pipes

Make sure that during the construction process, strong pipes are installed beneath the swimming pool so as to further strengthen the foundation. You can get your local plumber to recommend thick high quality pipes that are built to last, so that you don’t come across plumbing problems down the line. 

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