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Top Cities for Millennials

Written by Posted On Monday, 09 October 2017 23:24

Millennials looking for an affordable place to live where they can have easy access to everything that they need and a great job market are definitely in for a challenge. But, if you are a millennial in search of the perfect city to live in, check out the list below as it might help you narrow down your choices and find the ideal place to move to.

Top Cities for Millennials

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Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri may not come to mind when most people think of the top places to live, but it is a great place to be if you are a millennial. Not only is it considered one of the best affordable places to live but it is also home to noteworthy restaurants and cultural attractions. On top of that, the city has its own sports teams and there is plenty of entertainment to enjoy. So, consider checking out the many great apartments in Kansas City to see what you can find.

San Francisco

A beautiful city filled with history and young people, as well as loads of job opportunities, San Francisco is a great place to be if you want to live on the west coast. The city is home to a variety of neighborhoods, so there really is something for everyone, and it is easy to find a place to rent if you are not ready to buy real estate just yet. You will not be disappointed by all of the places where you can eat delicious food, spend time in the great outdoors, and find entertainment by day or night. Plus, public transportation makes it easy and affordable to get around.


Arlington, Virginia is diverse, has great schools, and boasts a fun nightlife. It is also a friendly city that is considered safe and provides you with a host of things to do every day, from great restaurants and shopping to parks and other outdoor spaces. Plus, it is close to Washington, D.C. and all of the jobs and activities that D.C. has to offer.  


Durham, North Carolina is another top-rated city for millennials, thanks to the many jobs that are available there. So, if you have been struggling a lot to find employment, consider a move to Durham where you might be able to finally land a great, well-paying job. But, beyond job availability, another great feature is the fact that Durham is also affordable, which might be part of the reason why so many young people call it home. The cost of living there is 6% lower than the U.S. national average. Add to that the fact that Durham is also known for its ease of commute and you have a winning city.

If you are a millennial in search of the perfect city to live in, take your time in doing your research. You will find the right job and housing market that will suit your needs, as well as the city that will provide you with all of the entertainment and fun that you desire. 

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