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5 Hidden House Problems That Might Affect Your Home Value

Written by Posted On Thursday, 07 December 2017 18:10

Mold grows peacefully on the corner of a home's wall.

If you’re selling your house, you’ll want to make sure it’s in tip-top shape before bringing it to market. While a realtor from a company like Foxfire Realty, Inc. can appraise your home and let you know the value, it’s important to make sure you check for a few hidden problems that may arise during home inspection. To avoid any last minute issues with your home’s sale, be sure to check for these 5 hidden house problems that might affect your home value:


Invisible to the naked eye, mold can be hiding within your walls. In order to find out if your home has mold, call in a home inspection professional. While many sellers wait until the house is headed toward closing for this step, getting an inspection done yourself before the offers roll in is a good way to avoid a sale falling through. Any issues the inspector finds can be remedied, or at least disclosed, before your buyer makes an offer.

Foundation Issues

A bad foundation can lead to lots of problems down the line. From structural and safety concerns to general appearance issues, the severity of a foundation issue varies based on what’s causing the problem and how the problem occurred. While foundation problems sound scary, many can be fixed if caught early on.

Old Wiring

If your home is historic or more than a few decades old have an electrician check the wiring to ensure that nothing is outdated and everything is up to code. Buyers will have one less thing to worry about if they know the wiring in the house is updated and sound.

Plumbing Problems

No one wants to inherit a plumbing issue. If your home is older, or you’ve never had a plumber out to look at your pipes, you’ll want to make sure everything is in order. Clay pipes are particularly vulnerable to tree roots, and any damage to these pipes can cause significant plumbing issues in your home.

Roof Needing Replacement

An older roof can be prone to leaks, storm damage, and insulation issues. Have a roofing expert take a look at your roof’s overall health. Many times, the entire roof does not need to be replaced if has been maintained properly. Sometimes a few shingles or tiles are all that’s necessary to avoid roof problems. If your home does need a new roof, consider getting it replaced pre-sale. It can actually increase your home’s value.

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