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Why You Need A Three-Sided Designer Fireplace

Written by Posted On Friday, 12 January 2018 06:51

Why You Need A Three-Sided Designer Fireplace Compared with conventional fireplaces, three-sided gas designer fireplaces offer more flame and less structure. With a sleek design that possesses an unmistakably contemporary appeal, these modern gas fires have become widely popular among homeowners, not to mention business establishments, who want to increase the style of their space.

Whether you have a contemporary apartment featuring neat and structured lines or a conventional home furnished in traditional stone, a three-sided fireplace can definitely enhance the appeal of any interior. Here are some of its advantages:

modern gas fire

Enhances an open floor plan

Columns and partial walls work well in any space with open floor plans. They produce discreet areas without interrupting the expansiveness or the flow of the space. Although open spaces are charming enough on their own, they'll absolutely look remarkable when combined with a three-sided gas fire. This specific architectural layout is perfect for almost any open setting— may it be for restaurant dining areas, office buildings, contemporary apartments, large homes, and even for your rest house.

Offers a twist on the traditional

Conventional fireplaces only reveal its beauty from one angle. With a three-sided gas fire, everyone can enjoy the warmth radiated by the flame from all corners of the room. These sophisticated units add depth and dimension to a standard fireplace.

three sided gas fire
You can install the three-sided gas fire at the centre of a wall to offer a multi-sided view, or you can also make a floating fireplace that doubles as a shelf. No matter where you place your modern gas fireplace, you'll still get a blend of modern design and classic charm.

Clever Architectural Solution

Sometimes, partial walls and columns can present design challenges. So how do you bring these features into the overall layout of your home? Do you place small furniture items against them? Do you attach artwork to them? Do you mount small bookshelves inside them? Or do you leave it bare and just let it speak for itself?

contemporary gas fireplace

A three-sided gas fire allows an innovative solution. Rather than navigating around a bare wall, why not incorporate a remarkable design element into the structure itself. Install a modern gas fireplace in a sidewall extension, and you'll instantly create a space that’s not only practical and functional but it also stylish and glamorous.

Grants Design Possibilities

With the beauty and versatility of a modern three-sided gas fire, the design opportunities are boundless. Want to break up an open-spaced area? A less centred piece will do the trick. Do the windows of your home stretch from one end of the room to the other? A bisecting column generates a nice sense of balance and symmetry.

No matter what ambience you’re trying to create, a three-sided fireplace can instantly bring out the best in your design.

When you opt for designer fireplaces, the possibilities are endless. Looking for more gas fire design ideas? Want more inspiration for your home or your business? Just check out our latest blog posts to learn more tips and advice.


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