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Smart thermostats: save heating from your mobile

Written by Posted On Sunday, 15 April 2018 17:13

The heating needs of a home vary throughout the year and, even, throughout the day. How can you control the temperature to adapt it to these needs? Through the latest generation of smart thermostat!

Here we talk about the different types of thermostats available so that your customers have a cozy house with greater control of the temperature, which will generate savings in energy and household bills. Let's start with the simplest question that your customers should ask.

What is the right temperature?

The comfort temperature recommended in homes by day ranges between 19 and 21, for each degree of more there is an increase of 7% in energy consumption. At night, the recommended temperature should be between 15 and 17, so it may be convenient to program the thermostat so that during these hours the temperature drops a few degrees.

Install temperature control tools that allow greater control over the installation will allow to make better use of it and reduce the energy bill. A good use of digital thermostats allows savings in the heating bill of up to 30%.

The thermostats are linked to home automation and are added to the Internet of Things, putting in the hands of the user new intelligent tools to save on heating. 

Programmable digital thermostats or chronothermostats

The use of programmable digital thermostats helps maintain the comfort level in the home. They allow realizing schedules by hours, by days and a more exact adjustment of the temperature, by what the control on the installation and the possibilities of saving in the invoice of the heating are majors.

They are more precise than the analog ones and help maintain a more homogeneous and comfortable temperature in the home, closer to the desired temperature.

Smart digital thermostats with Wi-Fi

The latest generation WiFi thermostat is programmable and also allow temperature regulation with remote access because they have built-in Wi-Fi and control the heating through simple applications installed on the mobile, tablet or computer.

What are the advantages of these devices?

Regulate remote heating from the mobile. The most practical feature of intelligent digital thermostats is that they allow us to program them through a WIFI connection from numerous mobile devices such as the Smartphone or a tablet to control the heating from a distance. The management is carried out through free applications, which makes it possible to operate the heating and/or change the desired temperature from anywhere, wirelessly, and easily and obtaining greater control over the energy consumption that occurs in the home and greater comfort.

Preconfigured and customized programming. It allows choosing between different configurations with modes of: 7 days, 5/2 days, single day or absent. Also with time and temperature controls of up to 6 different periods per day. You can modify the schedule if you change plans, even remotely.

Control and saving of energy consumption. The new thermostats let us know when we are spending consumption and help us to correct it. Many applications preserve a history of energy consumption in the home, so there is greater control of it. The data they offer allows comparing the consumption of different periods and see indicators on gas and electricity savings.

Control by geolocation. These advanced devices include a temperature control based on the user's location. Thus, the thermostat will turn on the heating when the person is coming home and turn it off when leaving it.

Ease of use. The mobile applications for heating control allow the heating to be personalized according to the individual needs of each user in an easy and intuitive way. The configuration is simple by means of the thermostat or the smartphone and no extra equipment is necessary to connect to the home network.

Ease of installation. They are compatible with multiple heating systems (gas boilers, mixed boilers and heat pumps), even with existing wiring.

A really novel functionality of the new digital thermostats is that they are able to learn from the home: how long it takes to warm up and cool down, in what times the boiler is used most, what temperature is ideal, etc.

The new digital thermostats have become the ideal tool with which your customers will get the most out of your heating installation, generating the greatest savings and comfort. They are available for boiler installation via cable or wireless.

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