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Storage Ideas to Expand Your Space

Written by Posted On Thursday, 08 January 2015 07:13

Want to have organized living space? Then you must know storage ideas to expand the limited space. Following are 15 good storage ideas for home owner to make full use of their space:

Ideas 1

The furniture placed before sofa in the playroom combines the function of coffee table and soft stool. The hardwood cabinet on two ends of the furniture is available for decorations, food on it and store items in it. The soft stool at the middle of the furniture can be used as ottoman too.

Ideas 2

A small desk and wall mounted cabinet are placed at an unoccupied corner space in the house. TV is put in the wall mounted cabinet above the desk. It can be hidden in the cabinet. Other cabinets are available for storing. As the desk is placed at a corner and the cabinet is installed on the wall, they do not take too much space.

Ideas 3

The storage rack is located at the partition part of living room and kitchen. It smartly designed to connect with the dining chair. Cook book, magazine, children toys, tableware and kitchen utensils – all these items can be stored in it.

Ideas 4

Glass cupboard has the merits of storage and exhibition. What is more, the light transmission of glass is good, which can increase the brightness of kitchen and expand space visually. One point need to pay attention to is that safety should be considered when selecting glass category.

Ideas 5

Have you ever considered making use of the space bellow sofa in dining room? If you have sofa as dining chair in your home, then you can choose sofa with drawer or cabinet. You can use it to store kitchenware and odds and ends in the dining room. Thus you do not need to have other space to expand your storage space.

Ideas 6

Home owner turn the spare space between two rooms into recreation area for surf internet and play online game. Many people place computer in bedroom. It is not good to high quality sleeping and the light generated by computer will cause insomnia. The decorative window at the front of the computer desk allows natural light into the cramped area.

Ideas 7

Embedded reading space becomes the design highlight. The storage space bellow embedded sofa allows people to take books they want to read easily. The embedded sofa gives people the novelty of entering into cave when seat on it. The cabinet above the sofa also can be used to store various things.

Ideas 8

The floor to ceiling bookcase in bedroom plays the main storage function. Books, collections and photos are stored in it. It combines decorative function and practicability perfectly together.

Ideas 9

The two bookcases near the mantel piece almost can store all the books for home owner. The drawer at the under layer of the bookcase allows home owner to store files and documents. Artistic decorations and family photos can be placed on the mantel piece. With the two bookcases, you do not need other furniture for storage.

Ideas 10

The wall cabinet aside the computer desk is available for commonly used items for study and work.

Ideas 11

Choose a corner of storage room to install storage rack for food and small kitchen electrical appliances according to category. Small storage box and hooks can be used to classify them and keep them organized.

Ideas 12


Use washable pen or chalk to mark the storage boxes help people easily to find the items they need.

Ideas 13

People may feel difficult to find item they need among so many odds and ends in large drawer. Then plastic trays and small storage boxes can help you store little accessories according to category.

Ideas 14

The main function of baking area in kitchen is to store small household appliances, mould and food material smartly. Home owner should place them separately on different storage rack. Frequently used items such as glove, tissue and dish towel should be placed at areas easy to get.

Ideas 15

U-shaped computer desk can be used to place various storage tools. The wall cabinet above the desk allows people to store items according to classification. The cabinet below the desk also has large usable storage space.

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