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Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

Written by Posted On Friday, 24 June 2016 10:57

Good Real Estate Agent

Any property dealings-whether you are buying or selling might have a lot to do with how your real estate agent is but it also does depend on the ongoing market situation among other factors. If it is because of the down market condition that your property is not getting sold off then no one is at fault, however besides this your real estate agent could be held responsible for a bad property transaction. So you should be aware of the signs of a bad real estate agent to save yourself from a terrible deal.

What are the signs you should look for in a real estate agent that makes him bad?


  • First impression matters-

    In your first meeting with your realtor, notice how they deal. See if they are asking questions about your need. If they act rude, fluttered, and not confident then you should look for someone better.
  • Communication Gap-

     If he does not follow up and update you in a regular basis there is definitely lapse on his side. Even if he has not found the perfect deal for you he should be in touch to keep you updated knowing your requirements and anxiety.
  • Lacking the Drive-

    He should take the maximum initiative to get you either a suitable house or to sell off your house in a good price. If he does not list your property in websites dealing in real estate or does not take the effort to draw the interest of the buyer, whichever way like distributing flyers or even newspaper ads then you have to reconsider your choice of agent.
  • Not having proper knowledge of the subject-

     if an agent is not knowledgeable enough, lacking in confidence and doesn’t have a strong opinion, it’s better not to rely on him, and a change is required as far as agent is concerned.
  • A pushing agent-

    An agent who is more interested to push you in a transaction for a fat commission, rather than understanding your requirement and getting you the right deal then he is not the right agent for you.
  • Inexperienced and part-time agents -

    Have background checks done before appointing any agent. Experience counts largely in this field. An inexperienced agent will give you a poor choice of selection.
  • A bad review-

     Look out for reviews and a bad one is a sign of warning.


Qualification is not enough your real estate agent should have the heart

If your agent is well qualified but lacks professionalism and is unorganized then he falls out of the track and cannot make a good agent. A good real estate agent should be sensible to your need and should not lack the dynamism. He should not stop until he gets to fulfill your requirement of making a suitable deal. A good agent should keep an ongoing conversation with you and be responsive. If he is behaving otherwise, you should take a call for settling with some other better realtor. An agent who cancels appointments, shows up late, not attentive or is not accessible has serious professional issues and should be taken as a warning. Poor communication skill is another sign of a bad agent.  Property in lucknow shaheed path can be a lucrative deal in terms of both investment and living provided you have a good real estate agent to negotiate. A poor real estate agent will not be Able to get a better deal out of it and might make it a disaster. Therefore, while appointing a real estate agent you should have your eyes open and consider the warning signs seriously.


The article focuses on the different signs and signals that can help you identify a bad real estate. 


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