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Decorating Sweet Homes: Four Smart Tips You Must Know

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 22 February 2017 07:53
Islam is indeed a religion which encourages humility. However, it doesn’t mean that the homes need to bland. You need to know that it’s like the dynamic in between arrogance and confidence. Confidence is stepping into your room knowing you are simply the best. On the other hand, arrogance is stepping into and letting everyone know you’re the best. Similarly, the Muslim home must be decorated with love. However, it shouldn’t scream out extravagance as well as wealth. But unfortunately, extravagance still continues to be the hallmark of the Islamic design in some of the Islamic houses.

Some individuals tend to think it’s nothing or all when kitchen renovation is the concern. And when it comes to kitchen renovation in an Islamic house, some individuals tend to think it’s nothing or all. But you must know that renovating the kitchen space would also add an extra dimension to the entire house décor. We have compiled certain things which you need to know before decorating the Muslim homes. Take a glimpse at the subsequent points:

• The primary rule which you need to consider when decorating the Muslim homes is not to incorporate any figurative objects within the design plan. This means, you can’t include any art with human or else animal shape. Consider avoiding the animal figures or else freestanding statues in accessories or furniture. You can decorate the homes with the abstract art, Islamic calligraphy or else landscape art.

• The majority of the Muslims consider Green as the color of their religion since it’s stated in the Quran. Besides these, many Muslims favor the color Brown over Black since the latter one is associated with deaths and funerals whereas the former one is inviting and warm. So, you can easily incorporate the colors Green and brown when decorating an Islamic house. However, you must also prioritize the preference of the clients.

• The Muslim individuals offer 5 prayers on a regular basis facing the Ka’ba. You can always find a room in a Muslim home that’s designated for prayers. While planning the prayer area, you must keep in mind that the space shouldn’t be in the traffic zone, facing the bathroom.

• Privacy is of the utmost importance in the Muslim homes. The window shades which allow light to penetrate or enter the house while providing privacy must be selected. The shades which are decorated with the Islamic geometrical designs would add the Islamic vibe to the room.

Besides these, some Muslim individuals prefer low level or else floor seating. This can be as easy as arranging the number of mattresses all around the perimeter of the rooms directly on floors. The shoes are favored off In Muslim household since it is believed that they bring impurities exclusively in the zones where prayers take place. Thus, while decorating the house, consider creating an extra space for the owners’ shoes and guest shoes so that the foot wears don’t pile up creating eye sore. Another solution to the problematic situation would be including the area rugs instead of the carpets so that visitors or guests can place their shoes on during their visit.

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