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4 Awesome Features Worth Building Into Your New Home

Written by Posted On Thursday, 23 February 2017 21:16
Ideally, your new home should offer more than just comfort; it should have accessibility features such as graphics and door ramp, or eco-friendly features such as adding a skylight and windows with high energy ratings, reduced-flow showers, and reduced-flow faucet aerators. All these future-proof your new constructions, reducing possible future heating costs, improving ventilation and ensuring that all house fittings remain in great shape decades after. Here are four improvements that could give your home a new feel and timeless value with minimal maintenance.

Smart homes and technology

Connecting gadgets around your home to your Wi-Fi gives you total control of systems and appliances, from the security lighting to the thermostat. Rather than get in the way of your daily activities, technology makes things easier by automating all controls and giving you all the access through your phone. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate technology into your home:

Smart door locks

Digital door locks connect with your phone via Bluetooth; whenever you are within proximity, the door unlocks automatically. Smart locks also communicate with other devices in your home, which enters into energy saving mode whenever you are away. Keyless smart locks are easy to use, and visiting relatives just need the pin or smart card to gain access into the house.

Home sensor kits

Home sensors use motion detection, winks and waves to confirm your identity before opening or closing the doors and windows. Any break in attempts sends alerts to your phone or mail and triggers indoor sirens within the hallways and rooms. The Canary security system, for instance, monitors your home against any intruders and sends videos of any irregular activities from the inbuilt sensors, as well as check the indoor temperature and air quality.

Smart cameras

It’s now possible to stream quality live feeds of the different rooms with Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled cameras. This essential home security feature is affordable and easy to install, with the accessibility of the videos right from your phone.

Radiant floor heating

Typically integrated into the floor, radiant heating is an energy efficient thermal control system; it's best to install it during construction of the house. If you are planning on installing it, do so before the floor finish, and selectively in rooms such as the living room. Radiant heating in your new house will keep your family warm during the winter chills, and improve air circulation in the room.

Theater surface treatments

As the acoustic energy bounces off hard/smooth surfaces of the drywall, masonry, plaster, hardwood floors or windows, the reverberating sound degrades the natural clarity, stereo imaging and the frequency response of your home theater. Depending on the surface material of the reflecting points, treatments such as thick rugs and fabric-wrapped absorption panels will significantly reduce the sound reverberation and improve the sound quality. Additionally, if your entertainment room happens to be spacious, a few sliding screens might come in handy in partitioning the space. A theater seating capacity of between five and twenty is ample for small family gatherings and movies.


A walk-in pantry has sufficient storage space for your food supplies and groceries, and is versatile in arrangement and moving things around. Likewise, a walk-in closet gives you greater freedom to move things around, experiment with mood lighting and custom finishes for your overhead drawers, suit hanger and shoe rack. Walk-ins not only zone out a space for specific use, but they also provide extra security and privacy, where for instance, you have a hidden safe. Trends and system innovations in the building industry bring with it a wave of excitement over the limitless possibilities, especially for new homeowners. Most of these systems work better together, and with just a little maintenance, should last a few generations. If you need help, Utah home builders, or home builders in your area can help you craft these features from the ground up.
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