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Written by Posted On Sunday, 26 February 2017 19:11
Jeanene McVey Jeanene McVey
PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2015 /EIN -- Jeanene McVey is an extremely patriotic Real Estate Broker/Owner of Real Property Advocate Group, who has chosen to work exclusively with Military clients in Phoenix Arizona. "I've always worked with the Military. The MRP Certification was like icing on the cake. I want my Military clients to know there is nothing I won't do for them." She says, "The brave men and women who are serving and have served our country are absolutely my favorite clients in the world. They touch my heart in so many ways and on so many levels because of their selfless dedication to protecting our nation and our freedoms". Jeanene’s father was a Marine who served in the Korean War. Her brother James followed in his footsteps and joined the Marines along with four of his friends, who were stationed at both Camp Pendleton and Moffett Field. At that time, Jeanene lived near the two bases. "When James and his friends were up they would come over" she recalls, "They would visit me and I would feed them, give them money for gas or a night out on the town and look after them before they went back to base. We had a great time!" Not surprisingly, James’ son Michael, who was born at Camp Pendleton, also became a Marine. Michael joined the Marines when he was a senior in high school, went off to boot camp in San Diego, then was immediately deployed to combat in Iraq. Michael’s fellow Marine classmate Chance Phelps was in combat with him. Chance lost his life just four days into the first mission and Hollywood made a movie about him starring Kevin Bacon called "Taking Chance". When Michael was stationed in Twenty Nine Palms, California, Jeanene would take him and his comrades for long weekends in Arizona and every Holiday that they had free between deployments. "We had so much fun and I took them everywhere!” She reminisces, “Even on a Veteran Harley Ride event. They were stars! Arizona is Military friendly and my nephew and his fellow Marines were thanked for their service by so many people here. I am so proud to be able to have been a part of that." Another family member, Jeanene's niece, May Aust, joined the Army immediately after high school and deployed serving during Desert Storm. Jeanene was born in Toppenish, Washington and raised on a Hop ranch where her immediate and extended family raised Hops for making beer. The family later moved to Portland, Oregon and Jeanene worked throughout high school at Fred Meyer's. After graduating from Gresham high school, Jeanene decided to move to California and settle down in Huntington Beach. Her first job was at a company selling circuit board cutting tools and after three months of inside sales, was promoted to outside sales. At that point she knew she would rather be outside than inside an office any day of the week. Jeanene's boyfriend at the time was a successful Real Estate broker. It was at that time that she realized Real Estate would be her career goal. She obtained her first Real Estate license at the age of twenty and worked part time as she saved her money and observed the best developers in the business. Jeanene learned from her contacts all about developing small and large housing developments by going through planning and zoning hearings and being a part of the entire process. Then tragedy struck. In 1988, Jeanene's house burned down and she lost everything. Fortunately, with the help of the Red Cross, she was able to stay in a motel long enough to grasp the enormity of her situation. A friend of hers came to the rescue and asked her to move to Palm Springs, California, where she could stay in a boutique hotel that her boss owned. Jeanene loved Palm Springs and her first thought was "I can sell Real Estate here!" However, the reality was that it was just too expensive and Jeanene wanted to be prepared. She decided to move back to Oregon with her family to heal, rejuvenate and regroup. Jeanene got her license in the state of Oregon and went to work immediately, shadowing the most successful Real Estate agents in town. She was in Oregon for only two years, as the weather was just too cold and she was missing the sunshine of Southern California. She decided to go on a vacation to Arizona in December 1989. She recalls, "The weather was amazing and people kept saying I should come back in February since December was their rainy season." Jeanene bought a home in Peoria during her two-week vacation and 45 days later became a resident. Luke Air Force Base is close to where Jeanene lives and works. She became an Arizona Real Estate agent in 1990, a Broker in 1998 and opened her own company. Her favorite clients in the whole world have been Military families. Jeanene is so beloved in her community that her Military clients sing praises about her every day. Brent Rasmussen is proud to say, "Being a Veteran, I needed someone who was knowledgeable regarding VA loans, and who was helpful and friendly. My wife Kelley and I were impressed that Jeanene met all those requirements and more. She's an amazing Real Estate professional who truly works FOR you. We have used Jeanene to purchase two homes, at separate times, and her service was impeccable. We were blessed to have met her, and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting the best possible house buying or selling experience available. Most Real Estate agents say they care about Veterans - Jeanene really means it." Jeanene says, "I've always worked with the Military. The MRP Certification was like icing on the cake. I want my Military clients to know there is nothing I won't do for them and I consistently strive to learn more so that I can better serve those who serve and have served". For more information about “Military Friendly Agent” Jeanene McVey, please visit these important websites: Media Contact: Jeanene McVey Real Property Advocate Group 480-818-5411 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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