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DIY Solutions For Adding Spring Color to Your Home Office

Written by Posted On Monday, 27 February 2017 14:10
Let’s face it: You get a lot of perks from working at home. You’re much more productive, less stressed, and even spend less on gas! Working from home not only gives you flexibility, it lets you be there for your family and still get the job done. But the best part? Decorating your office any way you please! Here are some fun, DIY crafts to bring a splash of spring color to your office.

Fabric Bulletin Boards

These charming bulletin boards could be made using nearly any size and shape of corkboard. To make small circular ones, you’ll need to buy some cork trivets. While you’re out, stop by your local fabric store and pick up some fusible webbing and fat quarters in any bright print that catches your eye. You want these colors to pop, so don’t hold back! To start the bulletin boards, cut a square of webbing big enough to comfortably cover a trivet. Place the trivet and webbing on an ironing board and iron so the webbing fuses to the trivet. When cool, trim off the extra webbing. Then, place a square of fabric on the webbed side of the trivet, and iron again. Trim off the extra fabric. There you have it: Cute bulletin boards just waiting to be used!

Herringbone Wall Art

Since you’re putting up new bulletin boards, why not follow up with some bright wall art? This herringbone patterned canvas is deceptively easy to make. You’ll need a neutral-colored canvas, some bright paints and painters tape. Start by dividing the canvas into four sections using strips of tape. Next, lay more strips of tape across the first ones at an angle to form the herringbone pattern. Color in alternating sections of the pattern with paint. Be creative with your choices: They don’t have to follow a pattern! While the paint is still tacky, remove the tape. At this point, you can either hang the canvas on the wall as is, or weather it by rubbing it gently with a sandpaper block.

Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

These drawer dividers are a great project for organizing your office supplies while upcycling any spare boxes you may have around. In addition to the boxes, you’ll need some nice paper, tape, double sided tape, scissors, a box cutter and a ruler. Start by marking the boxes to the height of your drawers, then cutting them using the box cutter. Next, cut a long strip of paper and use the double stick tape to attach it to the bottom and inside walls of the box. Cut another, wider strip of paper and do the same to the two remaining inside walls. Fold the paper over the sides, all the way around the outside and to the bottom of the box. Secure with more tape. Repeat till you’ve made as many boxes as you need. For extra contrast, try wrapping a box in two different paper patterns.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Channel your inner gardener without becoming one with the dirt! These beautiful flowers only require tissue paper and pipe cleaners. To start your new garden, cut the tissue paper into 10-inch squares, stack it and fold it accordion-style. Wrap the end of a pipe cleaner around the center. Cut the edges of either end to look like petals. (Think of it as making spring-themed snowflakes.) Make up your own patterns, or look to your favorite flowers for inspiration. To finish, unfold the sides and separate the layers of tissue paper. You can use these flowers for a variety of crafts. Stick them in a vase for an office bouquet that will never wilt. Weave the ends together to make a wreath. Hang them from a mobile like you would paper cranes. The possibilities are endless! These crafts will put you well on your way to beautifying your office with a touch of spring. Just don’t let the main office know. They may want to relocate!
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