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Tips for Getting a Cabin Ready for Sale

Written by Posted On Monday, 27 February 2017 15:17
You’ve decided to sell your cabin. Hopefully the reasons are not financial, but that happens. Maybe your children are grown and gone, or you’re moving to some place warmer. Whatever the case may be, it is time to sell and you want to do it right. Here are some tips to ensure a successful sale.

Understand Private vs. Realtor Sale

Some people cabin and property professionally appraised. This will cost you $300-$500 depending on your location. The appraiser will produce a document that illustrates the value of your home and property and will provide supporting facts, such as comparable sales in your neighborhood, improvements you have made and unique features your home has that others do not. Repairs and replacements can oftentimes increase the value of your appraisal. Popular cabin improvements include: - Renovating the kitchen with updated or new appliances - Replacing a wood deck with a more durable composite wood deck - Adding a fence or privacy hedges to your property It's also important to keep in mind when trying to sell your cabin that almost no home improvement returns 100% of the cost. So don't go overboard when trying to increase the value of your home!

Get All Paperwork in Order

You will need to produce important paperwork to your realtor and prospective buyers. Find and organize into a bin or folder any and all property surveys, appliance manuals, tax bills, septic tank details, if applicable. If there are extra items such as boats or recreational vehicles that could be factored into the asking price, make note of them.

Get Rid of the Mouse Smell

The fresh air of nature smells great — the inside of cabins usually do not. Mop the floors, clean the baseboards, dust throughout, remove window gunk and polish any wood surfaces. You want your home to smell clean and new, not musty and old. Remove clutter. Put extra items such as bookshelves, toys, knick-knacks and recreational equipment preferably in storage off site. If that isn’t feasible, put them in an outdoor shed or garage. You want people to imagine themselves living there. A fresh coat of paint makes things look and smell new. If your walls can’t be painted, make sure they are free of dust bunnies and excessive wall hangings.

Embrace Outside Curb Appeal

You know what they say about first impressions. The same goes for your home. Curb appeal is what makes your cabin stand out from the others. You want this to be a positive experience throughout the showing. If you have a beach, make sure it is clear of debris. Pinecones, pine needles, animal droppings and trash washed ashore can be an eyesore to prospective buyers. You also don’t want them to perceive the beach as a place of ongoing maintenance. Make sure your yard is raked and the grass is mowed. Remove any dead or dying shrubbery, and cut back on overgrown trees and bushes. Plant colorful flowers in the front and hang baskets where appropriate. Hose down the exterior of your cabin or have it professionally cleaned. Sweep off decks and patios and remove clutter. Clean and store grills. Remove and store outdoor equipment. Divorce yourself from your cabin. You get to keep your memories, but soon it will no longer be your home away from home. It will be someone else’s. It’s normal to feel sad about that, but you have to let go. Your cabin will likely go to the first qualified bidder. Perhaps that will be the “perfect” family in your mind. Perhaps not. Focus on your duties and look forward to the next chapter of your lives. Are you ready?
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