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Comfy Home: How Often Should You Service Your HVAC System?

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 28 February 2017 18:48

Your HVAC system hums along all year long to keep your home comfortable. If you want to keep parts and components in finely-tuned harmony, they need regular service. Some maintenance tasks you can do yourself, such as monthly filter changes, but the technical aspects require the expertise of your HVAC technician. So, to keep your home comfy this season and the next, read on to learn why and when to schedule service.


Is Your HVAC System Under the Weather?

Like other machines, your HVAC system will show signs that it's not operating at peak efficiency. Most indicators are obvious when you know what to listen, feel and look for.


  •         Look: If you're sick of looking at high energy bills, it's time to schedule HVAC service. Secondly, look for dirt on vents, filters, inside ducts, the evaporator, on the blower assembly and on and around the outdoor unit. Your HVAC system must be kept clean to operate efficiently.
  •         Feel: Are there hot/cold spots in your home? Unbalanced temperatures room to room are signs of duct leaks and poor insulation. These issues make your cooling and heating systems work harder, which lends to higher bills and early failure of parts.
  •         Listen: Unusual HVAC noises indicate problems that could lead to higher energy bills and system breakdowns if unchecked. For example, rattling noises from air ducts indicate loose connections. Grinding or screeching sounds indicate serious problems with the blower motor. So, if something sounds wrong, such as a rumbling furnace, get it checked out.


Spring Forward With A/C Maintenance

Spring is the time of cleaning, planning and A/C maintenance. Your A/C or heat pump needs a good spring cleaning and diagnostics check after the long winter break. In fact, it takes a vast network of mechanical and electrical parts, in addition to correct refrigerant charge and air balancing, to keep your home cool and comfy. Schedule home cooling maintenance a few weeks to a month before you expect to turn on your A/C.


Fall Back, But Not On Heating Maintenance!

Fall behind on furnace maintenance and you could shiver to regret it. Professional furnace maintenance is imperative to ensure safe operation of combustion parts, spot potential problems to avoid expensive repairs and to maximize home efficiency. Reserve that extra hour of Daylight Saving Time in the fall for your HVAC technician. There are even companies like Homesmart from Xcel Energy that can set up maintenance and replacement plans for your furnace and other appliances.



Beat the peak-season rush by calling your HVAC company today. Better yet, enroll in a semi-annual service agreement for VIP service and the best home comfort and efficiency results.

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