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Back To Basics: Three Priorities For Every Home Sale

Written by Posted On Thursday, 02 March 2017 16:10

Even with its cyclical variations and adjustments, real estate continues to be one of the most consistent and lucrative economic sectors. Every homeowner is a potential property investor, what this means for sellers is that they should adopt certain strategies before listing their homes on the market. When selling a property, homeowners should approach the market strategically; to this effect, they should pay close attention to the following priorities.


Getting Professional Assistance

Hiring a real estate professional is the first step prospective home sellers should take. Over the last few years, the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) option has been evaluated by real estate analysts and economists who have taken a close look at available statistics, and the consensus is clear: FSBO transactions tend to generate 13 percent less than those listings handled by real estate professionals.

Handling negotiations is a very important aspect of the real estate process, and this is something that real estate professionals are able to do much better than the average homeowner. Although properties listed by real estate agents tend to feature higher selling prices, they also tend to sell faster than FSBO homes; this can be explained in part because buyers feel that they can negotiate better with real estate professionals than directly with sellers. Even if you don’t sell with a professional, firms like Carter Real Estate can at least do an appraisal for you so you don’t sell your home for too little.


Creating Curb Appeal

When selling their properties, many homeowners tend to pay too much attention to fixing up the interior when they should be concentrating on creating curb appeal. The idea is to create an exterior image that captivates buyers. It is important to remember that selling a home is different than renting it; prospective tenants tend to pay more attention to the interior while potential home buyers are more likely to be swayed by curb appeal.

Some of the tips to improve curb appeal include washing, painting and landscaping. Pressure washing the walkways and the sidewalk can brighten the look of any home; the same can be said about washing the siding, exterior walls and windows. Whenever possible, a fresh coat of paint should be added to justify higher sale prices.


Offering Bonus Items

Prospective home buyers can be swayed with extras that they did not expect. Attractive furniture can be very effective in this regard; another idea would be an outdoor play set for children or even a media room that includes some home theater equipment.

Selling a home is a matter of establishing priorities and being proactive. With the three tips mentioned above, listed properties can not only sell faster but also at a price that is close to the expectations of the sellers.

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