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Cluttered? How To Start Clean In A New House

Written by Posted On Monday, 06 March 2017 21:35

Moving into a new home is a great way to clean up your act. Movers have the opportunity to dispose of items they don't use anymore and organize the items they plan to keep. Many movers want to leave their poor housekeeping habits behind and start fresh in a new home, but these habits can follow them if they aren't willing to make changes to their routines.

Don't Bring Your Trash with You

Before you move, throw away or donate any items that you don't use anymore. Keeping these items will only increase the amount of boxes that you'll have to bring to your new house. Only pack up the items that you plan on keeping. Bringing unwanted items to the new house will only ensure that you have trouble finding the things you really need when you unpack.

Space Out Your Ornaments

Table decorations add life and color to a room, but too many of them can make your room look cluttered and disorganized. Space out your decorations across several surfaces instead of piling them all onto one table. For instance, only put things on your coffee table that serve a functional purpose, such as coasters, remote controls, or magazines. Placing your antique figurines, decorative candles, and other objects on shelves will keep the rest of the room from getting too cluttered. Be sure to look around the room as you go. Once you think the room looks complete, stop and decide what you can do with the rest of your decorations.

Label Drawers and Storage Containers

Give every storage space a specific purpose. Odds and ends can go in plastic containers above the fridge, and everyday items can go in drawers. Label each drawer, cabinet, or container for whatever item you assign to that space. You're more likely to put items away if they have a designated spot.

Use More Than One Trash Can

Once you've unpacked, you'll want to keep your new home tidy. Place a trash can in every room can minimize clutter. If you only have one main trash can in your kitchen, you're more likely to leave trash lying around instead of throwing it out. It's easier to walk across the room to throw away a gum wrapper than it is to walk all the way to the kitchen.

Moving from one home to another comes with a lot of work. If you make a plan and stick to it, then all your hard work will pay off in the long run. Working hard during the move will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed after you've unpacked your last box. If you would rather focus on organizing, hire a company like Midway Moving & Storage to do the heavy lifting. Either way, take advantage of the fresh start!

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