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How Can Your House Help You De-Stress

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 07 March 2017 16:53

We are living in an era where stress is present in a daily dose for each one of us; those who are getting up every day, going to work and facing the challenges of everyday activities. It is only natural that we all seek a safe haven where we can relax and de-stress. Wouldn’t it be so nice if instead of longing for a distant tropical paradise which will de-stress us that we can bring that paradise into our homes and de-stress every day? Imagine having that luxury in your own home daily. It’s everyone’s dream!

We all know and some of us might have experienced the effects nature has on us humans. However, there is not enough time in the day so that we visit nature every day and de-stress. This is why most houses tend to keep green plants inside the house and maybe even fresh flowers. This makes a person feel like she is in nature and it is greatly influencing her mind and spirit. Besides the plants being oxygen providers for us, which is scientifically proven, the calming effect of it which maybe hasn’t been proven but we have all felt it. It is a wonderful way to relax and feel in touch with nature.

We all have the tendency of resting in front of the TV. However, this is not beneficial for us, and it doesn’t provide that effect which we are trying so hard to reach. Instead of de-stressing us, the TV is numbing us so we are not feeling anything. For the moment, this is a nice solution which will help you forget all about your work troubles. However, once the movie is over, everything flashes back in and we are once over feeling the same feelings except this time we have accepted them. Instead of thinking of doing something or at least coping with the issue we are gathering this inner rage which is no good for us, our family or our friends. We all agree on this point right? If you agree, why not try to change this annoying little habit and do something about it. Instead of turning on the TV, try doing something else, some small energy activity which will help your spirit in addition to your body. Instead of deciding to do this when you get back to work, note these activities the night before. Now here comes the main part. Rearrange your house in such a way which will put the TV in a corner or a less appealing place which you would normally overlook or even avoid.

Engaging your senses is something which we all forget to do daily. The problem is that we are complaining about the misery in our life and the lack of excitement because of this reason. If you try to engage your senses every day, your quality of life will get better and you and those around you will feel happier. In order to do so, put some decorations of your taste, use a delicious fragrance which will open your senses and try to change them as frequent as possible so that you don’t get bored with them.

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John Lee

John Lee is the editor for Executive Builders, which Specializes In Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements, Additions, Remodeling and more.

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