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Spring into the Home Buying Season

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 08 March 2017 03:06

The most important part of selling a home is knowing when to sell. Timing is one of the biggest factors to consider when you’re putting a property on the market, and believe it or not, spring time is real estate agents’ favorite time. The market tends to start ramping up around March, and peaks in the middle of the year.

In case you’re curious, here are a few reasons why people might start buying homes in March, rather than November or December – especially in the southern states.

It’s starting to warm up. No-one wants to house-hunt when it’s cold, and many people are on vacation in warmer places when it starts to get chilly. The warm weather and the nationwide cases of cabin fever start to drive house-hunters out in March, and by that time, many houses have had time to air out and get repaired over the winter season.

The new school years are beginning. Many homebuyers have children to worry about, so they want to be able to move before the new school year starts. This means they begin house hunting early, so they can get settled and start enrolling their children into new schools.

The holidays are over and done with. No-one wants to be stressed with moving during the holiday season, so many people hold off house hunting until it warms up, and all of their seasonal obligations are finished. Best to wait until the Christmas lights are down to list your properties!

If you’re looking to succeed as a real estate agent in North Carolina or another southern state this year, here are a few ways you can up your chances at selling.

Boast your strengths. Marketing towards a particular demographic? Want to make a house stand out? Make sure to improve upon the house’s strong points, and highlight the good things about a home in your listings. If the home has an exquisite master bath suite, make sure to improve upon it. If the home is in an affordable area, make sure not to price the house too high in the initial listings.

Start prepping early. April showers bring May flowers, so try sprucing up gardens or porches with new plants and floral decorations. Repaint walls that may have gotten dingy in the winter months, and make sure to air out the house before accepting any visitors.

List on a Thursday. A Redfin study showed that houses listed on Thursdays garnered more traffic, were sold faster, and were more frequently sold over the listing price. Wednesdays and Fridays are safe too, just make sure to place your listing on the tail end of the week. Many house hunters like to call near the end of the week and schedule weekend tours, so avoid Saturday-Tuesday listings.

With more and more millennial buyers flooding the market, many older people are looking to sell their homes as well to move into comfy condo or residential living centers. The real estate industry is looking better than it has in years, and there’s never been a better time to begin listing homes and improving on old properties.

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