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5 Upgrades that Add Value to Almost Every Home

Written by Posted On Thursday, 09 March 2017 18:05

Renovating or upgrading your home allows you to find enjoyment in where you live, but it also allows you to increase the value of your home. One of the mistakes many homeowners make is assuming any upgrade is a worthwhile upgrade. The renovations and upgrades you add to your home might make it more valuable, but it might not make you any additional money. For example, adding an expensive resort-style pool to your home in Maine might not be a good investment because the weather isn’t pool-friendly for long. Adding the same pool to your home in Hawaii or Florida can make your home far more valuable. Each investment should be made wisely, and these are some of the most universal profitable and enjoyable home upgrades.


Granite Countertops


Marble or quartz are also lovely in a kitchen and in bathrooms. It’s a beautiful addition to any home, and it’s enjoyable. With granite, you can place your hot pans and plate atop it, cut on it without using a cutting board, and it’s a high-end upgrade. You’ll always add value to any home adding upgraded countertops to any kitchen and bath.


Upgraded Sinks and Faucets


It’s all about farmhouse sinks and any sink that’s under-mounted. These are big, beautiful, and they are so much more functional. Unlike the sinks you find in older homes with lips on the countertop where crumbs become stuck and lodged, these are easy. You can wipe your countertop debris right into the sink without leaving traces behind. It’s more aesthetically appealing, and it’s more sanitary.


Outdoor Kitchens


If you live where the weather is lovely, an outdoor kitchen is one of the most valuable additions to any home. It’s great for outdoor entertaining and for making your home feel larger with additional room. A fridge, a grill, a sink, and a bar area makes this the kind of place you want to gather and enjoy your time. Buyers especially love outdoor living space, which only makes it more valuable to your home.


Upgraded Glass


If you pay any attention to the hottest shows on television about fixing up older homes and upgrading homes to make them more appealing, you know etched glass on interior glass doors is the hottest trend right now. It’s a glass door on the pantry with the word “Pantry” etched into it, or it’s the same type of glass door with the phrase “Laundry” etched into it. It’s personal, but it’s not such a personal upgrade you cannot sell your home or attract other buyers. This trend often involves finding old salvaged doors at antique shops and having the glass etched with your own personal design.


Smart Features


If you don’t have a smart doorbell, thermostat, or other smart features in your home, you’re living in the past. Smart doorbells allow you to see who is at the door with a discreet camera. An app on your phone or iPad allows you to see the delivery person as he waits for you, which provides you with the chance to speak to him while he’s there even if you’re not home.

A smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home when you’re not there. You have the ability to turn off the air and heat when you’re away, but you can turn it right back on an hour before you get home to make the house comfortable again. It’s a genius invention that allows you more comfort, lower utility bills, and a much more economic footprint.

Wise home renovations and upgrades provide you with an opportunity to change the way you live, the way you use your home, and the value of your home. Not all renovations and upgrades work depending on your home’s age, size, location, and the value of other homes in the same neighborhood. It’s fairly easy to find out what a smart upgrade is in your area, and those upgrades will help increase the value of your home.

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