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Five Affordable Home Designs That Add Substantial Value to Your Home

Written by Posted On Thursday, 16 March 2017 15:18

Homeowners often choose upgrades and renovation projects designed to help improve the value of their home, but many fail to realize it’s sometimes the simple designs they choose during the building process that increase value. It’s not always the addition of a new bedroom or more square footage that increases value. Sometimes it’s as simple as a design that’s more valuable than another, and these are some of the best designs for increasing the value of any property no matter where it’s located, what size it is, or what overall picture the house offers.


Closet Design


One of the first things any potential buyer looks for in a home is a large closet and additional storage space. Now is the time to put money into those areas. Custom closets and storage spaces where potential homeowners can store their cleaning supplies and display their clothing and shoes is what they want. They want custom storage spaces in every area of the home. It’s time to put the money into the design details of closets and storage spaces to see an increased value in your home.


Always Choose Quality


If there is one design tip homeowners need when building a new home, it’s finding quality rather than quantity. Most buyers would rather have a smaller home with quality designs rather than more space and cheap designs. Think downsizing just a bit so you can afford to add crown molding, upgraded cabinets and counters, and nicer floors. Quality design is always worth the cost. If you have a poor credit history and paying for these upgrades out of pocket is not an option.You can always look into debt relief options. Quality always pays off, and it's never a poor investment.


Light and Bright


If you ask any home designer or decorator what people want most in a home, it’s light and bright features. No one wants a dark kitchen anymore. It’s considered outdated and old, and it’s dark and dreary. Homeowners want bright white kitchens with a lot of natural light. When making design choices, always assume future buyers want to see light and bright. They’re more likely to pay more for a home with bright white kitchens than dark, dated kitchens they’ll want to re-do.


Natural Light


The light and bright feature has already been discussed, but it’s natural light buyers want. What buyers want is what increases the value of a home. It’s time to consider adding bigger windows and more windows for more natural light. Interior glass doors help to invite more light into a home, and they’re affordable. This is one of those upgrades and renovations you can take on without much investment, but the return is always much more than the initial cost of the project.


Laundry Rooms


Buyers want beauty and functionality in their home. They want to see their home usable in every aspect, and laundry rooms are hotter than ever. Now is the time to consider creating larger laundry room with custom storage. Countertops where you can fold laundry, cabinets for storing items, and a hanging rack perfect for those items that can’t be dried are what buyers are looking for. Upgraded laundry rooms sell homes when a buyer is looking for something a bit nicer, a bit more custom, and a lot more functional.

When it’s time to add to your home design to increase value, it helps to know where the money is found. It’s not always where you think. Many homeowners assume they must spend tens of thousands of dollars in renovations to make their home more valuable, but it’s often simple design features and upgrades that add the most substantial value to your home. These additions aren’t costly, but they’re big pay-offs when it’s time to sell your home to the buyers looking for custom homes with quality design. Utah drug rehab

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