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Is it Time to Break Up with Your Las Vegas Real Estate Agent?

Written by Posted On Friday, 17 March 2017 16:52
Is it Time to Break Up with Your Las Vegas Real Estate Agent? Shutterstock

Are you finding your relationship with your Las Vegas real estate agent a little lackluster? Do they seem preoccupied, unavailable, or uninformed? Real estate can be a complicated process, and it can be difficult to determine whether you are not finding what you need because the right place just isn’t on the market, or because your agent isn’t providing you with the right tools for success. If you’re starting to feel like it’s time to end your realtor relationship, take a look at these indicators that it might be time to say sayonara to your current real estate agent.

Your Agent Isn’t Available

Is your agent often unavailable? Do you feel like the stars have to align to get on the phone with them and schedule showings? Do you have to fit into their schedule? Is your agent only available to view homes on weekends or certain days of the week? If so, then you may be missing out on opportunities that are going to other buyers while you try to work around your agent’s schedule. If you begin to feel like you’re playing second fiddle to your agent’s other arrangements, it’s time to make a split.

Your Agent Has a Day Job

An agent who works part-time may not only be unavailable but is also less likely to put their full efforts towards finding you a home. A real estate agent who is in and out of the real estate business may not have their finger on the pulse of the buying market and the nuances of a fluctuating housing industry. If your agent is more interested in cultivating their alternate career, it could spell trouble for the success of your search.

Your Agent Is a Poor Communicator

If you feel like your home search is moving at a snail’s pace and your agent is often neglecting to make the first contact, it might be time to move on. You should be learning about new listings, upcoming open houses, or updates on properties you’ve already seen. If you seem to be finding the best opportunities on your own, your agent may be lacking in their client communication skills. If your agent is unable to communicate consistently and in a manner that suits you best (calling vs. texting, for example), it might be time to move on to a more invested and interactive agent who knows how to reach out and keep you in the loop.

Your Agent Isn’t Aligned with Your Desired Area

Las Vegas is a large city, comprising anything from high rises on the strip to residential neighborhoods. If your agent knows a great deal about surrounding neighborhoods but touts a less-than-comprehensive resume of real estate deals on the strip, it might be time to find an agent more familiar with your niche interests. Any agent can show homes for sale, but not every agent will know the nuances of a particular area such as walkability, standout neighborhood highlights, or local issues such as taxes or school systems. Find an agent who specializes in your particular area of interest.

Your Agent Is Pushy

If you feel like you just haven’t found the right home to buy and your agent is becoming exasperated, it might be time to cut them loose. There’s no set limit on how many homes you can look at before you purchase, or how much time you can take to make your final decision. Your agent is there to serve you, and you are allowed to take all the time you need to make your decision and find the home that’s right for you. If your agent seems to be trying to push you to choose a home that you have reservations about, he or she may be more interested in collecting their commission and moving on than finding you the right home.

Your Agent Isn’t Assisting with the Process

If your agent is showing you homes but leaving you lost in the aftermath, they may not be as invested in going the extra mile to work with you and close the deal. A real estate agent should be there to help you every step of the way, from finding a potential home to having it inspected and negotiating the final pricing. Home purchasing is a confusing process, especially for first-time homebuyers. It can be overwhelming, and without a dedicated expert by your side, it can be unnerving and fraught with errors. Find an agent who won’t leave your side until you have all of the paperwork complete and the keys in your hand.  

Your Personalities Clash

Do you feel like you and your agent are never on the same page? Are your communications off-putting? Having a real estate agent that doesn’t seem to understand your lifestyle, desires, and general personality can make every step of the homebuying process feel agonizing. If you find yourself grimacing or feeling uncomfortable in the presence of your agent, you might want to consider finding another who better fits your style. Chances are, your tastes will also coincide, leading them to find properties that are better suited to you as an individual.

Your Agent Doesn’t Understand Your Priorities

When you highlight issues with a property that concern you, does your agent always respond with a “yeah, but” statement? Do they tend to present properties that align with what they think is best for you? Do you continue to ask for properties with garage parking, only to find that you are at yet another showing for a property that doesn’t have what you asked for? Then your agent may not truly be listening to your needs.

If your agent seems to be offline, uninspired, and irritable, it may be time to seek out a new partner to help you land your perfect Las Vegas home. Look for agents with enthusiasm, excellent communication, familiarity with your neighborhood of interest, a high level of engagement through the entire process, and lets you take your time finding the home that is just right for you.

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Randy Char

With over 20 years of experience, Randy Char is one of Las Vegas’ top-producing brokers. In 2013 his team surpassed records in the community and closed a landmark total of $100 million in sales. He is focused on delivering a highly personal, expert team-delivered experience for clients in the high end market.

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