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This week’s share-worthy real estate articles (03/10 - 03/17)

Written by Posted On Saturday, 18 March 2017 00:59


As promised, here is another edition of share worthy real estate articles or blog posts.  I’m glad a number of realtors appreciated my first real estate roundup.  Hope you guys enjoy this one.   


Choosing the right real estate agent

The residential real estate field is probably one of the most popular careers in the United States.  Most people know of a family member, friend, or even an office mate that is a realtor.  The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials estimates that there are about 2 million active real estate licenses in the country.  With such a large pool of real estate agents, it should be easy to find a real estate agent that will help you find your dream home.  Heck, a homebuyer can do a quick search online and have a realtor before the end of the day.  The question is if that realtor is right for the homebuyer.  Most realtors that have been in the industry for a while have experienced their fair share of encounters with untrained or unprofessional real estate agents, so they know the importance of choosing the right real estate agent.

The article highlights two key qualities when choosing the right real estate agent  -- credibility and knowledge.  Most realtors will agree that these are two key qualities buyers and sellers look for.  This is a great article to share with potential clients on why they should chose you as their realtor.


Marketing Strategies Expert Realtors Use To Help Sell Your Home

In today’s technology world, agents are quickly embracing digital marketing strategies when targeting buyers and sellers.  Research shows that 90% of homebuyers searched online during their home buying process.  Most do it before they contact a realtor.  Even sellers go on platforms such as Trulia and Zillow to get estimates on their homes before they contact a seller to list their homes.  I honed in on Paul Sian’s lists of digital marketing strategies.  He points out the benefits of working with a realtor that consistently rolls out a blogging strategy that generates organic traffic.  Paul also points out the usefulness of a realtor’s social media marketing expertise. 


The Worst Home Selling Advice Some People Believe

I loved reading this post by Bill Gassett.  I think a lot of bad advice comes from non real estate professional who have gained very minimal real estate experience from either selling or buying a home.  Bill Gassett lists a number of bad home selling advice that sellers should avoid.  I’ve written a post on the inaccuracy of Zillow’s home estimates. Bill mentions that trusting Zillow’s estimate of your home when setting the list price of your home isn’t advisable. 

“The agent you pick isn’t that important” This is another example of bad advice Bill mentions.  All agents are not equal.  Choosing the right real estate agent is very important when selling your home. 


16 Real Estate Questions You’ve Been Afraid To Ask A Realtor

It is extremely important that a seller ask their realtor all the questions they might have prior to listing their property.  Lynn Pineda lists some great questions a seller should ask.  One of the questions she listed “Can I Ask A Realtor To Reduce Their Commission” jumped out to me.  I think a lot of realtors fall for the trap of reducing their commissions just to get a listing.  A seller has the right to ask an agent to reduce their commission.  But does a seller want to work with an agent that will easily reduce their commission? Most well seasoned realtors are firm on their commission rate.  They understand the value they bring and the benefits the seller will receive by working with them.


Hope you will enjoy these articles as much as I did.  Look out for my next real estate roundup.

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