Getting a Real Estate License? - Is Online or Live Classes Better?

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Getting a Real Estate License?

Is Online or Live Classes Better?


Getting a Real Estate License

A career in real estate can be a great career move.  Helping home buyers look for homes for sale day in and day out is quite a bit harder than it sounds.  Although a tough job, many find a real estate career to be quite fulfilling.

Geting a real etstate license requires numerous hours of education from an accredited real estate school and a state licensing exam. The number of hours and the course content may be different according to the state, but the qualifying education courses are necessary if you are planning to start a career in real estate.

Real Estate Courses

The pre-licensing courses are an investment of both your time and your money, however, the return on investment that you gain will be the foundation for your career in real estate. How and where you get your real estate license can be a very important decision, because your time spent will need to meet your personal lifestyle. So, the question is what is best for you and your lifestyle? Someone who has a busy life and is self-motivated might prefer an online class, however, someone who prefers a teacher and can focus better with a set schedule might prefer the classroom setting. If your are trying to decide which option is best for you, here are some of the pros and cons of online vs. classroom options.

Online Real Estate Classes: The Pros

online real estate classesNumber one reason for most people to take online real estate courses is flexibility; which is why they are choosing a career in real estate to begin with: the flexible, self-made schedule. Most online courses are designed so that you can complete the course material in your own timeframe wherever you are whether it’s at home, your office, or waiting for your kid to get out of football practice. Taking online real estate classes also allow you to go through the material at your own pace. You can spread out the material over time or double up to get them done more quickly. Online real estate courses, on average, are much less expensive than classroom courses. And, an added bonus for taking your courses online is that you save the cost of traveling to the nearest classroom, you might have to take time off from work, and other costs that might be involved, i.e., snacks, a babysitter, coffee, and so forth.

Online Real Estate Classes: The Cons

The number one reason that people are concerned about taking online classes is their own personal self-discipline. The number one benefit of taking online courses, which is the ability to choose when and where you study, can also be your biggest obstacle. It can be challenging to motivate yourself to go through the course material when you the pool is calling you to come swim or your kids are hanging on your legs and not having a set time can cause you to fall behind if you are not self-disciplined. If you are a people kind of person, you may miss the interaction of the classroom setting. When compared to classes taken in-person, online courses can lack opportunities for students to network with their peers or ask professors in-depth questions about the course material. To sum it up if you’re good at prioritizing and you’re not a procrastinator, you are a good candidate for online classes.

Classroom Real Estate Courses: The Pros

real estate classesFirst and foremost, attending real estate classes gives you the ability to meet your professor, ask them questions, and take part in class discussions, which often go beyond the material in the course. You have the opportunity to rub elbows with an educated professional about their experiences, opinions, tips, major losses and big wins. The classroom is also a great place to network with peers. Reading the computer screen isn’t for everyone, and in-person, on-site classes may better suit your learning style. Having a teacher on-hand to answer questions and keep you moving along can be a big time saver. If having a set place and time to attend class makes it easier for you to complete your coursework and get that certification then you might get your license sooner than if you try to take online classes on your own. Classes are usually offered both day and evening and run between 4 to 8 hours per session.

Classroom Real Estate Courses: The Cons

Courses taken in the classroom will not allow you to have the same freedom as online courses. You will need to complete your coursework on their timeframe and not on your own comfy couch. Rather than being able to get online anytime you are ready to get started, you will have to wait for your next scheduled classroom session. Depending on your location and your chosen real estate school, you may be subject to commute times and traffic to be able to attend class, plus the added expense of gas, snacks, parking, etc… will eat into your wallet and the time that you might otherwise spend working, being social or having family time.

Here are some basic questions to ask before you decide on a real estate course format:

  • Are instructors available to answer questions? Are they available by e-mail?
  • Does the online course have quizzes and reviews to help improve retention?
  • Is the online course flexible so that you can complete it any time and at your own pace?
  • Are course materials available in multiple formats (digital, print)?
  • Is the course compatible with the operating system on your computer? Is it tablet or iPad friendly?
  • Is the course interface user-friendly and easy to navigate?
  • How long do you have to complete the online course?

And a few to ask before you commit to a real estate school:

    • Does it have a good BBB rating?
    • Do they have good reviews online and from your peers?
    • Does the school have high exam pass rates in your state?
    • Do they offer a real estate exam preparation class?
    • What is the total cost including tuition, exam preparation, course materials, travel expenses?
    • Do they offer payment plans?
    • Does the school offer additional career insights, coaching and education opportunities to get your career off to a strong start?

Its Up To You

As pointed out, both online and live classroom classes can both be effective for obtaining your real estate license. Which one fits your personality is the critical question. Don't underestimate the quality of the real estate school. As about their pass rate. Most real estate schools get their pass rate but are unable to advertise them. Taking the time to choose the right real estate course and school will ensure that you are prepared for a successful career in real estate.

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