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DIY Disasters Call For An Urgent Need Of Home or Content Insurance

Written by Posted On Thursday, 20 April 2017 07:06

A thousand things need to be done in a home and many of us have a fascination for DIY projects. Starting from painting the walls to creating that reading corner, we feel that a touch of self would do the job much better. In addition, it also saves money as we are managing things on our own as opposed to paying it to the professionals. Moreover, if you have some time over the weekend, then you can easily finish the DIY project.

These are the common assumptions home owners make when starting any DIY project, however, many a times things go wrong and one ends up damaging the home contents or property. According to a survey done by Co-op insurance, it was discovered that 9% of the DIY projects end up with disasters. The average cost of correcting the mistakes turns out to be somewhere around £2,271. Well, this clearly suggests that trying to save money by choosing DIY may lead to overspending on correcting and finishing the same task.

It was also revealed, 9% of women are responsible for faltering DIYs as opposed to 8% of men attempting it. The common issues observed are spoiling of carpets, floors, and walls and even injuring themselves. This suggests that a simple job for a professional becomes a complicated task in hands if things go wrong in your DIY project.

According to the survey, London, Northern Ireland and North West England are places where people face DIY disasters. In addition, people over the age of 55 make DIY disasters while 14% of the youth were recorded in spoiling the DIY game. When questioned, 40% of people agreed that they took professional help following the disaster.

One thing to watch out for is that you would not be forgiven by your home insurance provider if it is discovered that the damage to the content or property is due to the DIY job. There are fair chances of invalidation of the insurance policy if you do not take professional services and end up damaging the building. Therefore, it is always advisable to go for professional services in case you want to amend your home.

To avoid hefty premium for building or content insurance, one should find the best home insurance provider online via insurance price comparison sites. There are 40+ providers in the UK that offer household insurance plans, each plan has its own pros and cons so buying the plan without comparison paves an easy way to spoil your home insurance budget. Due to hike in insurance premium tax 2-3 times within last two years, premiums have already gone high. 


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