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What Else to Add to Your Backyard Landscaping

Written by Posted On Thursday, 20 April 2017 21:16
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Adding more features to your backyard landscaping can add beauty to your home, improve its value, and make your yard more functional for your needs. No matter what budget that you are working with, there are several ways you can significantly improve your landscaping starting today. Consider these additions when planning your next landscaping upgrade.

Irrigation and drain systems

Backyard Sprinkler

Installing irrigation and drain systems can help to protect your landscaping and lawn and ensure that it stays healthy throughout the year. There are a number of water efficient irrigation systems to consider installing, with prices that are as low as they have ever been along with several modern features like remote controls and smartphone app control.

Drain systems can ensure that your yard does not flood, as flooding can also kill your grass and plants and cause all kinds of other problems like basement leaks. If you’ve had issues with yard drainage, a modern drain system will help to prevent future problems and protect your home and yard from water damage.

Improving your outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting The Woodlands, TX

Improving your outdoor lighting can have major benefits for your home. If you find your current outdoor lighting lacking in any way or want to draw more attention to the best features of your home’s landscaping, it may be time for a lighting upgrade.

There are many types of outdoor lights and lighting schemes that can be used for your home, both on your front lawn and backyard. Path lights can make walkways safer, flood lights can illuminate your garage, and porch lighting can give you a place to enjoy evening entertainment. It can increase your security substantially by illuminating areas of your home that are typically dark in the evening.

Installing a mosquito system

Mosquito System Cypress TX

If you’ve had mosquito problems outside of your home on a regular basis, it may be a good time to install a mosquito system. These systems can significantly reduce the number of mosquitos around your home using a low toxicity spray.

The latest mosquito systems can be timed to only be activated when there is no one around, and several hours before you plan on going outdoors so that you can enjoy a mosquito-free area. Mosquito control systems are highly effective at reducing mosquito populations and similar systems have been used for years to protect race horses.

Adding retaining walls to your yard

Backyard retaining walls

Retaining walls can be a great feature to add to your yard if you have soil that needs retention. They can be integrated into your walkways with a matching or complementary design, and they can have a significant positive visual effect on your landscape.

If you choose to install retaining walls, it’s important to hire a qualified landscaping company in Tomball so that your retaining walls have the proper drainage and a sturdy structure to retain soil. These walls can typically be added on landscapes with stairs or pathways with elevated soil on both sides.

Adding walkways or patios

Backyard Patios and walkways

Installing walkways or patios can improve the accessibility of your yard and give you an entertainment area where you can grill or sit outside and enjoy the weather. Your current walkway or patio may need to be upgraded or you may need a totally new installation for your walkway.

In either case, it’s important to choose a company that has experience with walkway and patio installations to avoid water drainage issues or deterioration due to weed growth. Your contractor will give you advice on what type of walkway and patio combination will work best for your particular home and should be able to show you samples of their prior work.

Install an outdoor kitchen for added functionality

Outdoor kitchen builder

Outdoor kitchens are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners because of their incredible utility. They can be used for extra prep or cooking space for large parties and get togethers, or full kitchens can be installed where full meals can be prepared.

On the more moderate end, outdoor kitchen areas can consist of a simple grilling station and a small refrigeration unit along with some storage and seating, all the way up to gourmet elaborate kitchens with sinks, stoves, grills, large refrigerators and plenty of seating and storage. If you have the space for one, it’s well worth considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your home.

A pergola can provide you with shade and comfort

Custom pergola builder The Woodlands, TX

Pergolas have been used since ancient times to provide homes with a little extra shade and a seating space. They can be extended from a roof or installed as a separate unit, and they are typically designed to allow a small amount of sunlight in while still offering shelter from rain.

They can be a great main or side feature to add to your yard, and they can be built by a company specializing in backyard landscaping with a wide range of weather resistant materials so that they require minimal maintenance.

Carnahan Landscaping offers all of these landscaping additions and can meet with you at any time to discuss them and give you a quote. Contact us today for a free quote or consultation with one of our landscaping specialists.

We serve residents in Tomball, TX, The Woodlands, TX, Cypress, TX, Katy, TX, Magnolia, TX, Spring, TX, and more.

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