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3 Ways To Save Space In The Home With A Multi-Purpose Dining Room

Written by Posted On Friday, 21 April 2017 08:42

Very few new homeowners have a dining room in their house. They seem to have gone out of fashion in recent years. The main reason for their disappearance is not necessarily to do with style – there are plenty of ways to modernise a dining room and make it fashionable. Nor does it have anything to do with popularity, as hosting dinner parties for friends, families and colleagues is as common as ever. The reason for the dining room’s lack disappearance from modern homes is more to do with space. 

Most modern homes simply do not have enough space to accommodate a room solely for the use of dining. Consider, for instance, that millennials are generally earning far less than any generation before them (the figure is estimated to be a whopping 20% less than the generation before them according to USA Today). Factors like this make it hard for young people to purchase sizeable homes like their parents might have done. That is if they can even afford to purchase houses at all.

It is not just millennial homeowners that might be conscious of space though; this is a concern that affects homeowners of all ages and demographics. As games rooms, spare bedrooms, utility rooms and spare bathrooms become increasingly common, there is not a lot of room left for a room that solely functions as a dining space.

The best solution for homeowners is to therefore create dining spaces that are multi-functional. Creating a dining space in an existing room is the ideal solution for homeowners who want a comfortable, stylish and elegant area for dinner parties but don’t have the room for a traditional standalone dining room. Here are a few ways you can achieve this:


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1) Make your home office double up as a dining space

Almost all millenials would like to work from home. Some would prefer to do it full-time, perhaps by working as a freelancer. Others are actively seeking jobs that provide the option of telecommuting. Young homeowners wishing to work from home and have a comfortable dining area may wish to create a space that can double up as both.

An extendable table can be retracted to become an office desk and extended when guests are arriving for dinner. Meanwhile, cabinets and storage facilities can serve the dual function of housing both cutlery/crockery as well as any important documents, electronics and files you will need for work.


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2) Turn your conservatory into a dining space

The conservatory is a perfect place for a dining room. Not only can it be a comfortable and scenic environment; it can also adapt to a variety of functions. It can be a breakfast nook, study room or games room. All you need in order to do this is some furniture that can serve multiple purposes (e.g. bright workspace, sunlit breakfast nook or intimate social area when it is not being used for entertaining guests).

Oak furniture and laminate flooring are a perfect combination when you want to create a conservatory dining room that also doubles as a place for working, relaxing or casual eating. The simple aesthetic means it suits every occasion and its light weight allows it to be easily arranged and rearranged. Be careful, however, to keep it properly maintained in a conservatory as oak furniture can be prone to light damage.

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3) Consider an open-plan kitchen-living room

This is by far the most expensive option for ensuring you have a dining area that is multi-functional. However, it is the also the best as far as stylishness and conserving space is concerned. Opening your home so that the living room, kitchen and dining area merge into one allows you to create more space for other things. It also makes the house appear more spacious, thereby creating a comfortable atmosphere and potentially increasing the home’s resale value. However, there may be major renovation work required to achieve this – knocking down walls, removing doors and redecorating the room.

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