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3 Effective Real Estate Advertising Techniques to Boost Your Sales

Written by Posted On Monday, 01 May 2017 20:39

The real estate industry is a highly competitive space where making the right impression is crucial. Smart marketing is the key to placing your property in front of prospective buyers who often start searches on their own and approach realtors with a ready list of properties they’ve found. Use the following three techniques to make your listings stand out and boost your sales in the real estate business.

Secure Online Advertising

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Ninety percent of homebuyers used the internet to search for their new homes. Over the last four years, real estate searches have increased 253 percent on Google alone. If you and your listings don’t have an online presence, you’re missing out on a significant sales opportunity. Offer detailed information on your homes that will satisfy the viewers' curiosity, pique their interest, and draw them in for a viewing. If you’re offering only a cursory glance at each property, online viewers may pass over a perfectly charming home in favor of one with better pictures and a more comprehensive profile.

Make sure your home listings are well-written with full sentences and proper grammar. Avoid using all caps, which simply shouts rudely at the reader. Describe both the home and the type of lifestyle inhabitants might enjoy there. Instead of a “large dining room,” speak to the “warm and spacious dining room with forest views in a place that's waiting to host your next Thanksgiving dinner.”

Create Property Brochures

Property brochures are a great tool to have for your showings and open houses. Printing an online listing in an attractive format is difficult, but prospective homebuyers like to have something physical in hand that will help them keep track of the properties they’ve viewed.

With a sleek brochure, your home will easily stand out from the competition. Full-color photos, informative neighborhood profiles, and floor plans are all excellent inclusions that will keep your home front and center in the buyers’ minds as they’re considering their options.

Position Highly Visible Signage

“For Sale” signs are a good way to point out your property to hopeful homebuyers who are cruising the area looking for their dream house. These signs are particularly well-placed when you’re developing a new housing community, and they have dozens of new homes to call attention to. If you want to advertise yourself as a realtor, you may also want to try a billboard or other signage to spread the word. Elevate your signs beyond lawn level with a scissor lift rental that will let you hang them higher.

Make sure your signs include the necessary information for prospective buyers to follow up on your listings or services. Include a website address, phone number, or a Twitter handle. Many agents now use automated text services with personalized codes for each listing so that buyers can send a quick text for extra information about a property.

Choose marketing tactics that will keep you relevant in an increasingly digital world, with clear connections to your website and online presence for all materials. With a cohesive approach, you can make sure your listings are easy to find and easier to fall in love with.

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