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Why real estate technology is slow to advance.

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 02 May 2017 19:05

Most real estate agents have a love-hate relationship with their 'work flow.' NAR should be looking out for their members but they don't.  NAR loves creating barriers to entry. They have been slapped with anti-trust lawsuits before.  They protect incumbent software. This leads to lack of technological advancements. The state of real estate technology is stagnant. This is especially true when NAR has a financial interest in dated software. The California Association of Realtors is the largest branch in the US. They own  a chunk of ZipLogix, which is dated technology.  I have not met too many agents who like Ziplogix.  An industry trade association such as CAR should not have an interest in the ecosystem being built around the industry.  The ecosystem should push the sector forward. The CEO of CAR is the CEO of Ziplogix. The bundling of services is anti-competive. A conflict of interest is a bad thing for an industry that mandates its members to use a form (agency disclosure) in order to prevent conflicts of interest.  Within the next 5 years I believe CAR will be dealing with anti-trust laws. 

As a broker for Hillman RE, I believe in building in-house platforms for real estate forms.  We recently built a listing agreement wizard for our sellers and an offer form wizard for their buyers and other frustrated agents practicing Massachusetts. We currently use our form wizards on this site and this site. We have a flat fee mls service.



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