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What Are Sober Homes And What Are Their Rules

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 09 May 2017 08:25
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After “graduating” from rehab, you need to readjust with regular life, which can be highly challenging. Luckily for recovering addicts, there are sober living homes where you can make the transition, away from the full pressure of daily living, in a sober environment. Sober homes are group homes where multiple recovering addicts can live, contribute and follow the home rules, before moving on to independent living, free from addictions.

Who owns sober homes?

Sober homes can be owned by individuals or companies. Sometimes, rehab centers own several sober homes, where their patients can get used to having more freedom. The homes are usually located in quiet areas, so the transition goes on smoothly. However, as it is with shared homes, there are rules to follow for the residents. Of course, the first one is staying sober, away from any addictions. Then, the residents may be asked to come home at a certain hour and take drug tests, to prove they remained clean.

One of the most important things regarding sober homes is that the individuals are expected to take full responsibility for their actions. This is very important, as addictions push people towards an irrational behavior. While living in a sober home, you are expected to buy your own food, do your own chores and try to gain control over your life.

Rules of sober homes

The residents of sober houses must accept all the rules before they move in. When a resident violates one of the rules, there are consequences, such as having to pay a fine or write about what they did. If the individual continues to violates the house rules, he is going to be evicted.

Apart from alcohol and drugs, there are other ingredients and products banned from sober houses, such as vanilla or certain mouthwash. These contain small amounts of alcohol, which might lead to a false positive result in the regular testing.

Other types of rules common to all sober homes is that each resident has to go to work/school and contribute to the house maintenance. Violence, in either of its forms, is not allowed in sober homes.

Who can live in sober homes

There are few if any rules on who can apply to live in a sober home, but most residents are recovering addicts. As you are required to remain sober, you need to be on your recovery path. Most homes do accept addicts who are committed on staying sober, even if they haven't been on a recovery program.

The residents must pay rent, but living in a sober home is cheaper than living at a rehab center, as there are fewer activities specific to rehab, such as therapy.

A sober home has a powerful effect on the individual, who lives with other recovering addicts. This makes them more responsible for their own life and they have the opportunity to be able to share their struggles with other recovering addicts. As they live together, they are able to resume daily activities and have a supportive environment to rely on. Most times, the friendships made in sober houses survive for years, as the former addicts support each other for the years to come.

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