3 Unexpected Issues That Could Hurt Your Home Sale Efforts

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 17 May 2017 12:03

3 Unexpected Issues That Could Hurt Your Home Sale Efforts

Although you're unlikely to receive your home sale asking price, there's no reason to give a potential buyer room to negotiate an extremely low price because of fixable property issues. Consider these three issues that many homeowners don't typically expect buyers to use against them during a sale:


Landscaping Problems

Your home must be attractive and inviting to draw interest. Homeowners sometimes fail to realize that a property's exterior often creates the first impression. Landscaping problems, such as untrimmed grass and hedges, diseased or dying trees, pest ground holes and cracked walkways reduce the perceived value of a property. Beyond fixing these problems, you can also improve your sales position if you make the exterior more ornamental, organized and thematic. Instead of merely cleaning up the outside, add elements that make your home look well-loved and lived in, such as trees and flowers along walkways or a fountain and bird feeders in a garden.


Blacktop Concerns

The appearance of any asphalt leading up to your home is just as important as general landscaping. Cracks and other deterioration like potholes are unsightly and often dangerous. Ruined blacktop can damage a vehicle's tires or axle and even cause a potential buyer to fall and suffer an injury. If you can't afford to repair and reseal the entire stretch of asphalt, simply removing grass, flowers, weeds or saplings growing out of cracks and spot repairing the worst damage with an inexpensive patching product so that the blacktop looks fine and poses no danger can help you maintain the value of your property.


Garage Troubles

Many homeowners forget that their garages can also prevent them from closing a home sale deal. Unexpected garage troubles at showing that cause woes include a disorganized and cluttered space, mold growth that poses a health hazard and old-looking or non-working garage doors. Cleaning up a garage usually only requires a bit of elbow grease on your part. Several cleaning firms though can also help with removing mold and musty odors. If you're dealing with a garage door appearance or functional problem, the best course of action is to contact a garage door sales and maintenance firm, like J & D Door Sales Inc., to repair and update the existing door or replace it entirely.

As you can see, you only need to perform a few outdoor updates to make certain that these areas don't accidentally hurt your sale efforts. Always fix these issues before you put your home on the market.

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