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Benefits to Shooting at a Local Luxury Home Location

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 30 May 2017 19:40

Whether you are staging a photo shoot or filming a scene, your priorities will likely mirror those of a realtor: it’s all about location, location, location. This might lead you to consider shooting on location in an exotic locale, but such an endeavor can massively bump up the budget of your project and draw out its timeline for completion. Rather than expend funds unnecessarily on a flashy setting, look to these alternatives that can be just as impressive for a fraction of the cost. The ideal scenery might be closer than you think and more accessible than you’d expect.

You don’t need to fly to the Bahamas or another far-off destination for breathtaking views and stunningly modern scenery. These perks can be found at a luxury home designed specifically to meet the needs of creatives in the Southern California area.

Take Advantage of Expansive Space

When you are looking to capture a beautiful photo or an evocative film take, one of the most impactful features you can invest in is an open, airy space to frame the focus. If you are trying to create the perfect mise-en-scène, for example, an open layout with room to move around can create the perfect juxtaposition to the subjects of your shot. When you shoot at a local location, you can more easily find expansive properties that offer these features and are still accessible. When you take your project elsewhere, you might not get the gorgeous scenery you need.

Trust a Property Backed by Investors

There are an array of luxurious properties in the Southern California area that are perfect for your creative needs. Perhaps none matches the allure of The Razor House, though, and its beauty isn’t all the property has to offer. It is also backed by an exclusive group of investors who have cultivated it to be the ideal setting for a range of different creative projects. When you have a trusted backing from experts in tech and finance, you can expect the resources you need. Entrepreneurs such as Donald Burns have even lent support to The Razor House property.


Stay Close to Your Base

Southern California is the center of the entertainment industry. No matter what sector you’re in, you can bet you will do most of your dealings in or around the Los Angeles area. When it comes to filming or shooting, staying close to your home base doesn’t just mean you are saving substantial sums in your budget. It also means you have access to your studio, office or whatever creative base you call home. The Razor House’s La Jolla location is within a convenient proximity to the center of the film and creative hotbed of Hollywood.

Connect With Fellow Professionals

When you invest in a local property to conduct your shoot at, you are forging connections with fellow local professionals. Shooting overseas or out of state may seem appealing, but it cannot offer the same networking opportunities that a local property will. With a home that happens to be backed by a group of involved investors, the potential is even greater. Telecom and tech professionals such as Donald Burns offer support to luxury homes. Creative types and investors can both benefit from the connection that can be made.


Enjoy a Fully Functional Home

The benefit of having access to a fully functional home should also not be underestimated. If you book your shoot at a location that is more like a set than a home, you will not be able to enjoy the amenities that are available at many local luxury properties. Shooting a scene can be capped off with a wrap party when you have a gourmet kitchen and beautiful entertaining space to take advantage of. The local setting makes throwing impromptu parties easy and appealing. You get more than just a beautiful space when you book at a local luxury home.

Capture the Essence of True Luxury

While exotic locations may be tailored to seem enticing, there is something authentic about a luxury home nestled in the hills of Southern California and created for truly exceptional living. There is no façade or pretense. When you bring your creative project to a property like this, you are capturing the true essence of luxury. This is what will make your final product truly exceptional. There is no need to exaggerate your scenery or add special effects when your backdrop is genuinely striking in and of itself. Photography and film will capture the nuances that cannot be faked.

There are many reasons you might be seeking the perfect scenery for your next creative endeavor. Doing so might leave you lusting for far-off locales, but there are many reasons why a local property might be exactly what you need. Rather than rule out luxury homes in the Southern California area, consider all of the many benefits they can offer.

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